Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Packs: 2012 Series 1, Opening Day and Heritage

Easter for a 17-year-old usually consists of getting a crapload of candy, plus some packs. While the mounds of Starburst Jellybeans will last for a while in my house, I'm glad the packs will give me a short-term high. I got 2 packs of series 1, a fat pack of Opening day, and 3 rack packs of Heritage, which Topps really perfected this year.

Series 1 Pack 1-
274- Miguel Montero
223- Yonder Alonso, steroid abuser
158- Chad Billingsley
63- Justin Masterson
30- Neftali Feliz, who really wished he had some bats to support him right now.
121- Delmon Young, now on the Phillies
199- Avisail Garcia. Have it.
261- Trevor Rosenthal
72 Mini of Willie Mays. I'm beginning to think I only pull Hall of Famers out of this. Hm.
117- Aubrey Huff.
325- Kevin Millwood. Good heavens. Are you still trying to win?
230- David Robertson, who will likely find some way to injure himself this year.

Pack 2-
50- Adam Wainwright. How he's still healthy, we have no idea.
1- Bryce Harper, who better have some staying power in the bigs.
313- Maicer Izturis
274- Miguel Montero. Hello again.
207- Matt Holliday
284- Angel Pagan
124- Ricky Romero, who will try his best NOT to suck in 2013.
72 mini of Nolan Ryan. Hall of Famer. Also, a double. Anybody want it?
293- Jeff Karstens
117- Aubrey Huff again
325- Kevin Millwood again
230- David Robertson again.

Opening Day-
127- Edinson Volquez
152- Brian Wilson. Still kinda looking for a job, by the way.
202- Jason Motte, who just got injured
14- Josh Willingham
19- Joey Votto
123- John Danks
57- Cliff Lee, whose improvement would really help.
108- Hunter Pence. Still a Phillie to me,
103- Desmond Jennings
117- Michael Young. He better work for the Phils.
Superstar Celebrations of Justin Morneau.
A Mascot card of Screech, for the Nationals. Hm, Dustin Diamond's lost a lot of weight.
Joe Mauer Play Hard insert. Wow, a lot of Twin love.
78- Hisashi Iwakuma
137- Yoenis Cepsedes
4- Matt Dominguez. Wow, the Astros are gonna suck.
47- Jake Peavy. Needs to stay healthy,.
77- Mark Trumbo
217- CHOOCH. Another Steroid abuser
43- Pedro Alvarez
51- Elvis Andrus
219- Troy Tulowitski, who plays well despite me never hearing anything about him.
18- Jemile Weeks
58- Chris Davis.

Heritage Pack 1-
291- Ryan Ludwick. Well, that's one way to start.
200- Clayton Kershaw. That's a lot better.
273- Matt Moore
42- Tommy Milone, one of the many Oakland prospects
346- Rafael Dolis
269- Justin Smoak, staring off into space.
486- David Ortiz, who I do not hate.
115- Dan Uggla. The hell happened to him?
253- Sergio "Brian Wilson called, he wants his thing back" Romo
417- Juan Francisco
98- Quintin Berry
213- Michael Morse, now back on the Mariners.
201- Oooh, this is a good one. Manny Machado and Dylan Bundy rookie stars. I will hang on to this one.
3- Leaders. Meh.
84- Jon Niese
47- Peguero/Machi Rookie Stars. No idea who these people are
422- Eduardo Nunez
52- Jayson Werth
300- Jason Heyward, who really needs to perform.
191- Anthony Rizzo.

Heritage Pack 2-
169- Elvis Andrus
30- Chad Billingsley
198- Gavin Floyd, former Philly washout.
45- Brandon Phillips, laughing and showing off his teeth
327- Heath Bell
358- Casey Kotchman, who shouldn't be here
250- Prince Fielder, another big star
20- James McDonald, who sucks.
328- Patrick Corbin
104- Jonathan Papelbon, who actually closed well last year for the Phils
385- Glen Perkins
96- Jeff Samardzjia
292- Trevor Cahill
274- Justin Morneau, whose best days are kinda over.
367- Jeremy Guthrie
9- Leaders
294- The most disturbing card of the year, Liam Hendriks
62- Starling Marte

Pack 3-
127- Edwin Jackson
63- Jason Grilli, who is not amused
163- Gaby Sanchez
381- Fernando Martinez
324- Terry Collins
183- Fernando Rodney, and his asymetrical hat
374- Luis Cruz, the new LA 3rd baseman
60- Will Middlebrooks, who's been hyped up like hell
322- Scott Baker
49- Brett Jackson
418- Pirates rookies
386- Jared Burton
182- Felix Doubront
363- Neftali Feliz
95- BJ Upton, looking like a crazed deer
258- Michael Young
470- Albert Pujols RED BORDER. NICE!
364- Russ Martin
276- Nick Swisher
13- Adam LaRoche

Those were some pretty damn nice packs. Now, to catch up on my Reese's eggs.

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