Tuesday, July 15, 2014

2014 All Star Game Starting Lineups

We did this last year, so we're doing it again. In honor of tonight's All Star Game, I'll be representing each starting player with a current custom. Some of them are new, some of them were released earlier this year.

We'll start with the AL:

Batting first for the American League, the shortstop, from the New York Yankees...DEREK...JETER!!
(Long, drawn out applause)

Batting second, the left-fielder, from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim...MIKE TROUT!
Batting third...the second baseman, from the Seattle Mariners...ROBINSON CANO!!
Batting cleanup, first baseman, from the Detroit Tigers...MIGUEL CABRERA!!
Batting fifth, the right fielder, from the Toronto Blue Jays...JOSE BAUTISTA!
Batting sixth...the designated hitter, from the Baltimore Orioles, NELSON CRUZ!
Batting seventh...the center fielder, from the Baltimore Orioles, ADAM JONES!!
Batting eighth...the third baseman, from the Oakland Athletics...JOSH DONALDSON!
Batting ninth, the catcher, from the Kansas City Royals...SALVADOR PEREZ!
And warming up in the bullpen, the starting pitcher for the AL, from the Seattle Mariners...FELIX HERNANDEZ!!

Now for the National League...

Leading off for the NL, the centerfielder, from the Pittsburgh Pirates...ANDREW MCCUTCHEN!!
Batting second, the right fielder, from the Los Angeles Dodgers...YASIEL PUIG!!
Batting third, the shortstop, from the Colorado Rockies...TROY TULOWITZKI!!
Batting cleanup, the first baseman, from the Arizona Diamondbacks...PAUL GOLDSCHMIDT!!
Batting fifth, tonight he is the Designated Hitter, from the Miami Marlins...GIANCARLO STANTON!!!
Batting sixth, the third baseman, from the Milwaukee Brewers...ARAMIS RAMIREZ!!
Batting seventh, the second baseman, from the Philadelphia Phillies...CHASE...UTLEY!!!
Batting eighth, the catcher, from the Milwaukee Brewers...JONATHAN LUCROY!
And batting ninth, the left fielder, from the Milwaukee Brewers...CARLOS GOMEZ!!
Warming up in the bullpen, and starting for the National League, from the St. Louis Cardinals...ADAM WAINWRIGHT!!!

Sure to be an excellent All Star Game. I'll be watching, adorned in a Jeter jersey, rooting for the captain one last time on this stage.

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