Saturday, July 12, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Betts Edition

A bit of down time between All Star anticipation posts, so let's talk about a big rookie come-up.

Mookie Betts had a really nice debut with Boston, which means that he's going to either be a really big deal for a nice five year stretch, or crap out within two years' time.

Right now, his performance is very promising, as he's having some nice hits, and making a nice early case for ROY, unless Tanaka or someone from Houston can snap it away from him.

Mookie Betts is currently the second-greatest MLB player to be nicknamed Mookie. Unless something really big happens in Game 6 of the World Series some day, this will likely stay the same.

Coming Tomorrow- One of the best players in the NL, and someone who could definitely be an MVP contender if he keeps it up.

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