Friday, July 11, 2014

Custom Card of the Morning: Samardzija Edition


The best part of Jeff Samardzija's sudden rise to the top of the MLB food chain is that I find it very easy now to spell his name correctly.

Seriously though, I'm very glad that Samardzija made it to a MLB club that wins games. And I'm very glad it's the A's, because that's the very same club that everyone keeps saying is going to win the whole damn thing. I mean, they may be a bit optimistic, not really keeping in mind the fact that the sport is more unpredictable than Christopher Walken in a children's film.

I don't know if the A's are going to win the whole thing, because let's face it, the season's not even halfway over yet. Haven't even made it to All Star break.

Speaking of the All Star game...I'm still recovering from the whole 'wisdom teeth' thing, so I don't exactly know if Samardzija's replaced Tanaka on the ASG roster, but he's at least going to replace somebody, and it won't be surprising when it happens, so if it hasn't by now, it will.

Coming Tonight: One of the starting NL Outfielders, and one of my favorite players.

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