Thursday, July 17, 2014

Custom Card of the Night: Chapman Edition

I think we may be looking at the next great closing pitcher.

I mean, Craig Kimbrel is the one breaking all the records. He's the one leading the league in saves and everything every year. But in terms of sheer power and consistency, Aroldis Chapman is the one to watch. He's dominant, powerful, and still hits 100 mph on his ninth-inning pitches. The Reds are lucky to have someone that good.

They're also lucky that he rebounded so well to a hit to the face that sidelined him for a good month and a half back there. Not only is Chapman back, but he's better than he's ever been. Just look at his stuff during the All Star Game. Really, really nice.

Coming Tomorrow- He's a decent pitcher for the Angels who seems to be holding onto his stuff.

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