Monday, July 14, 2014

Honey, I Screwed up the Custom

I am pretty sure that the man on the card above is Ian Kinsler. Because unlike the last time, I checked the description underneath the picture to make sure that Ian Kinsler was on the picture, and not J.D. Martinez.

Thank you to the commenters who squinted a little bit and realized 'hey wait a minute, that's not the guy we traded for that's doing well enough...that's the guy we traded for who's playing really well!' If I was a bit more well-versed in Tigers-dom, I would have known the difference between a picture of Ian Kinsler and a picture of J.D. Martinez. But the caption underneath the original photo had tagged both players, regardless of the fact that Kinsler wasn't even in the shot.

Just to reiterate, I didn't rush this custom to simply remedy a mistake. If Ian Kinsler should have a custom, he's getting a custom. And if it's not him the first time, then I needed to get it right the second time, and get it so right that it at least made up for that mistake.

So here is Ian Kinsler, smiling, in a Tigers uniform.

(Although I should be lucky that I didn't accidentally get a picture of a batboy or anything)

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  1. Nice use of Tiger orange and nice looking cards, both times. Thanks! Kinsler was probably tagged because J.D. knocked him in with a home run. What actually gave it away the most was J.D.'s signature two fingers up props to the man upstairs move.

    The Tigers traded for Kinsler and he is doing more than well enough on his way to the All-Star Game … while the Tigers offered a deal to the Astros for Martinez, they declined and then later released him - the Tigers signed him from the waiver wire, no trade at all. I'm looking forward to J.D.'s Tigers card backs.