Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Swisher Edition

Last year, the Cleveland Indians finished second in a very tough AL Central division, besting such fringe teams as the Royals, and such no-chance-in-hell teams as the White Sox and Twins.

This year...no such luck, sadly. Nick Swisher has become the unofficial captain of a slumping Indians squad, featuring injuries, unsatisfactory rookie pitching, catchers playing third base, and being beaten by the Royals.

I feel really bad for them, because I think they're a fun team, and I enjoy watching them. It really sucks when they have stretches like this where they're simply not as good as the other guys. There are people on the team that deserve better than that, people like Swisher and Cabrera who play pretty well most of the time.

Maybe not season, but I hope the Indians eventually have a nice season they can be proud of.

Coming Tomorrow- One of the best pitchers in the NL, playing for one of my least favorite teams.

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  1. Swisher loves to play the game and that's what made me like him while in the Yankees. I hopped he would do good with Indians but one man alone can't make a team..