Friday, July 4, 2014

Last Exit in Chicago

You know, I wasn't really expecting to post anything. I was a little burned out after my relaxing Independence Day. I figured 'I guess I could get away with not posting today'. I mean, next week might be kinda huge for the blog (not gonna give anything away, but my mystery contact may be rearing his/her ugly head again), so I figured it would all balance out in the end.

And then...I check ESPN...and the first major move of the offseason has taken place. And, as usual, it comes from Chicago.

Was I terribly surprised that Jeff Samardzija took the first plane out of Chicago? Nope. He's the best pitcher on the team, he's had a few really nice seasons, and it's killing him that he's not gonna win that much.

Was I surprised that he went to the A's? A little. I mean, when fledgling pitchers escape, usually they escape to Arlington or the Bronx. I didn't want him coming to either place, no matter how desperate our rotation situation seems. Being that the A's are doing really well, and have a rotation that is slightly injury-plagued (I say slightly meaning that it's just Parker and Milone pretty much), Samardzija would actually be a really nice addition over there.

Was I surprised that they threw in Jason Hammel? Yeah. Because...Jason Hammel? Relevant? I didn't think it possible.

Was I surprised that the A's are giving up Dan Straily? Very. Because I thought he was one of their key pieces moving forward. Uh...not anymore, I guess.

Very, very surprising. If anything, it means the Ex-Cub factor will work against the A's if they make it to the World Series. Unless, of course, they're playing the Cubs.

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