Thursday, July 3, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Hamels Edition

There are five words that every team wanting to be a competitor must fear when it comes to describing the overall outlook. These five words personified my Yankees in 2012. Now they personify my Phillies.

"Great Pitching, No Run Support"

The 2014 Phillies have great pitchers, like Cole Hamels, Cliff Lee, A.J. Burnett and Roberto "Fausto Carmona" Hernandez. We're going to assume for the sake of this argument that Kyle Kendrick is not a great pitcher. Sorry Kyle. The four of these aforementioned pitchers have been doing most of the work for the Phillies. With the exception of the few times where Jimmy Rollins or Chase Utley will have a nice hit or something, this is all that's going on.

As hard as people like Cole Hamels and AJ Burnett are trying, they can't pitch through games and win without getting any run support. Cole Hamels may sneak into the All Star Game (I'm not sure if it's going to happen, because he's not playing very well, but you never know), but still, he's not getting any help from the people being paid to help him.

The Yankees were like this in the 2012 playoffs. They'd have someone like Hiroki Kuroda on the mound, and he'd be pitching great, but people like Swisher, Cano and Granderson would just...not hit. It was kinda sad. Hell, they still do it a little bit this year. It's sad when it happens, and you hope they can find their way out of it.

So, what do I wish for Cole Hamels? I wish he could get a roster that he would be proud to pitch for, and a roster that could actually get some hits. I hope it's the Phillies, but you never know what this month brings.

Coming Tomorrow- The second baseman for a...(checks stats)...well, his team's in fourth, but it's a weird year for the NL Central. I mean, the Brewers shouldn't really be in first, and neither should the Car-oh, I'm getting ahead of myself. His team's not doing well, but he's one of the few on the team that are.

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  1. I had some difficult to see it was Cole at first lol
    Yep. I hopped he was traded to the Yankees back when that was much talked..Perhaps he would have some hitting to back his winning style pitching.