Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Why Panini is STILL doing Football Cards better than Topps

Last Year, I had my first taste of Score's NFL set, and I was very, very impressed. Many times over the course of the last year, I commented that they were a better Football Card supplier than Topps, and I think that their 2013 release was stronger, more iconic, and easier to collect than Topps'. And we need more of that!

Panini's 2014 Score Football has been on the streets for a few weeks now, which is unheard of for a football set. Like, it was June yesterday, and I was picking up Panini football cards. Keep in mind, I usually don't find TOPPS football on the shelves until my Lake George trip in August.

So, here's a 'fat pack' of Panini Football. Once again, I'll be giving things I like about this set that outweighs the Topps stuff.

82- Randall Cobb.
325- Robert Griffin III. This is a card from the Hot 100 subset, and it's still contained within the base set, which is nice, and something Topps would never do.
43- Martellus Bennett
169- Brent Celek. Jeez, even the card back notes that Zach Ertz is basically taking his job.
125- Xavier Rhodes
274- Robert Mathis
64- Sean Lee, who is surprisingly becoming one of the standouts of a depleted Cowboys roster.
201- Malcolm Smith, who is a Seahawk, so he's probably good.
145- Reuben Randle. Players' colleges are featured below their name, next to their position, regardless of whether they're a rookie or not. I think that's cool, because I get to look for people who graduated from Temple, my dad's alma mater.
83- Andrew Quarless, who may be starting more games without Jermichael Finley around
143- Eli Manning, kid brother extraordinaire.
81- Jordy Nelson. Throwback!
140- Pierre Thomas.
30- Cam Newton. For those keeping track, those are four star cards in a row. Topps'll give you four fringe players in a row, if that.
158- Andre Holmes
270- Percy Harvin Hot 100. All it took to get a Super Bowl ring was to get the hell out of Minnesota.
49- Jermaine Gresham
109- Derrick Johnson
117- Lamar Miller
55- Jordan Cameron, who will once again be playing for a disappointing Browns squad.
222- Shonn Greene
242- Dez Bryant Hot 100.
15- Joe Flacco, local hero.
139- Jairus Byrd. At least we don't get any crappy PS jobs from Score. They just say 'traded to Saints' or something.
335- This is an ARTIST PROOF of Allen Robinson, the Jaguars' 2nd Rd. pick (WR), and it's numbered to 35 COPIES. OUT OF A FRICKING RETAIL PACK! That is really nice.
Brothers in Arms insert of the Jets, though it's primarily of Geno Smith
294- Joe Flacco Hot 100, again. Nice to get multiple Flaccos.
27- Fred Jackson
269- Joe Haden Top 100
215- Lavonte David
273- Reggie Wayne Hot 100
11- Harry Douglas
296- Greg Hardy Hot 100. Never really heard of him.
309- Jay Cutler Hot 100. Boy, there are a lot of these.
2- Larry Fitzgerald
209- Famed Two-Week Phenom Mike Glennon
280- Vincent Jackson Hot 100
318- Roddy White Hot 100
26- CJ Spiller.
(I'm too tired to post the rookies, but I got a Khalil Mack and a Eric Ebron)

Great product. Might get more soon.

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