Thursday, July 10, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Cruz Edition

I stalled on doing a Cruz custom for a while, because I really don't like Nelson Cruz, because he may or may not have taken steroids of some sort. So, I could have made this custom anytime between April and June.

But I didn't. I decided wholeheartedly against it. For my own better judgment.

And then a funny thing happened...he started getting really, really good.

I mean...I thought the whole steroids thing had reared its ugly head again. But then it occurred to me...Nelson Cruz is actually pretty good at this whole baseball thing. Like, so good that he blocked out David Ortiz from getting onto the All Star roster. And...that doesn't usually happen. Not even Carlos Beltran in a GOOD SEASON could do that.

I don't want this to be a steroids-fueled thing, because I feel a lot better rooting for an AL squad that doesn't have any steroid abusers on it. Bautista's still questionable, but I'm pretty sure he didn't either.

Coming Tomorrow- I made a crapload of customs this weekend, on a count of the fact that I'm currently recovering from the oral surgery I had this morning to remove my wisdom teeth. So, tomorrow's will be a recently traded pitcher...yeah, you know the one.

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