Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Custom Card of the Day: Wainwright Edition

The Cardinals are currently doing pretty well, though still trailing the Brewers for the NL Central. But honestly, the fact that the Cardinals are doing well isn't terribly surprising. I mean, it's supposed to happen, plausible or no, every season. It's a St. Louis law. So honestly, I'm not too shocked that Adam Wainwright is having another great season.

I mean, yeah, he had a few seasons where he was being sidelined for injuries, but then he stopped being Chris Carpenter 2.0, and started being a really good pitcher. And he had two or three really, really good seasons back there. And it was great, because last season they had the whole 'America's Pitching Rotation' thing, with Westbrook and Garcia trying to be good by being in the same SI cover as him.

Adam Wainwright is pitching well, which means he'll probably be one of the many pitchers that Mike Matheny will select for the All Star Game, because A.) He is his manager, and B.) They need some actual star power before half the pitching staff gets DQ'd due to pitching on the Sunday before.

Coming Tomorrow- One of the strongest arms in Philly's arsenal...not really doing too much this season...

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