Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Nostalgic Box Break: 1995 Stadium Club High Number (Part Three)

This has been a cool box, but it's also had the collation of...well, of a Series 3. When you get a smaller set, you get worse collation. You'd think that'd lead to set completion, but I still needed a ton more from the set even after the rip. Just a ton of doubles, and a lot of double-printed subsets.

Still, it's a cool enough idea for a high-number set. And we've still got eight packs left, so...les'go.

 Pack 17-
Dupes: 7/13
Cards I needed: 6/13
Future Hall of Famers: 1/13

 Some pretty nice infielders. Durham played on some great Sox and Giants teams. Fonzie was a huge part of the mega-infield in Queens for a few seasons.

 This is a cool shot of Mike Ignasiak wearing his jersey backwards. I applaud the sentiment of putting on your uniform backwards for a cool SC shot. Also, the umpteenth absolutely amazing Brewers shot in this set.

 CHIPPAH. The great and powerful.
Also, Extreme Corps for the BoSox was Mo Vaughn, still technically good back then.

 Pack 18-
Cards I needed: 2/13
Dupes: 11/13
Future Yankees: 1/13

 One of the few remnants of David Cone's sliver of time on the Blue Jays before joining the WS-winning Yankees. Also, Juan Acevedo, to make Cone look cooler.

 Pack 19-
Cards I needed: 1/13
 This Ken Caminiti TransAction card was the only one in the pack that I needed. He'd be an MVP in a few years.

 Pack 20-
Cards I needed: 5/13
Dupes: 8/13

 Danny Darwin in a really nice sideways shot. Mark Whiten surprising me by being a Red Sox for a very short time.

 I already pulled this Belle, but here it is again, next to Pete Harnisch, one of the few highlights of a sad time for Mets fans.

 Pack 21-
Cards I needed: 2/13
Cards of Awesome Guys I Collect: 1/15

 Hideo Nomo, absolute beast in 1995, and...yeah, this is sort of a first-year card for him.
Troy O'Leary saved the Red Sox back in 1999. This year, his presence in the building in the ALDS could not save the Sox.

 Pack 22-
Dupes: 12/13
Cards I needed of legitimate heroes of mine: 1/13

 Fantastic. I needed one card in this pack, and it happens to be Hershie.
Orel's just been allowed back onto the HOF ballot (in the 'Today's Game' vets ballot). Hoping for the best.

 Pack 23-
Cards I needed: 2/13
Cards I needed who were once/currently Dodgers: 2/13

 Jose Offerman has a nice fielding shot, while Brett Butler reminds us all that, despite retiring as a Dodger, he did spend a little bit of time with the Mets.

 Pack 24-
Cards I needed: 2/13
Cards I needed that were current/future Yankees.

John Wetteland was the closer extraordinare in 1996. Ruben Sierra was the Yankees' DH in 2004.

That was 1995 SC High Numbers. I guarantee that the next box I post will be a little better in terms of collation, and possibly around the same time period and set.

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