Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Playoffs Take a Turn

In three games, the Cleveland Indians did what nobody thought anyone could do this postseason.

They took down the Boston Red Sox.

Now I have to look at these guys again, as I clearly underestimated them in my predictions post. These guys are a ragtag team of underdogs that are slowly biting back and taking over this postseason, and it's fantastic to watch.

Next week, they'll be in the ALCS, facing off the Toronto Blue Jays, and that's probably the biggest stage of Good vs. Evil that this season's gonna get. The Indians are the embodiment of everything amazing about baseball this year, and the Blue Jays are literally the sith lords. It'll definitely be a fun series to watch, that's for sure.

Also, in terms of the departed...
These were the guys that I thought would win the World Series. They were that far ahead in my eyes. Sadly, that just couldn't translate to postseason success, and the pitching just let them down. They couldn't even take a win away from the Indians, which was kind of sad.

Still, next season, even without David Ortiz, they're probably gonna be even bigger, and might make another stab at the title. A shame this one ended this early

In other news:
PANIC! Looks like the Cubs won't be taking it in 3 after all!

That win from the Giants just proved how tough the Giants can be in the postseason, even when the odds are completely stacked against them. I'm seriously doubting that they'll end up winning the series, but with games like that, and with players like Joe Panik and Conor Gillaspie coming in the clutch like that, it's pretty cool to watch.

Meanwhile, the Nationals have taken a stellar Game 1 by the Dodgers and turned it into legitimate clinching position, thanks to ganging up on Kenta Maeda and some late heroics by Jayson Werth. Now the Nationals are coming alive in the postseason for the first time...really, ever. This is becoming a really even series, and Game 4 will come down to Clayton Kershaw trying to save his team from elimination.

Today, we get some NL match ups. Maybe soon we'll know who's gonna be playing for the NLCS.

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