Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Outcome I Didn't Particularly Want

Well, crap. Turns out the Blue Jays were actually a playoff team after all this year.

Again, I wish the Orioles won it so that I had more people to root for here, but Edwin Encarnacion sealed their fate. The Blue Jays are going on to play the Rangers, where they're probably gonna be even tougher to beat than the Orioles would have been, and cause some shenanigans that I didn't especially want to get into.

oh, what fun.

Still, Stroman pitched a great game, and the Blue Jays will probably have some nice moments over the course of the ALDS. I'd just prefer them to lose is all.

Also, I should point out the departing heroes here...

Yeah, the Orioles lost, but this was a fantastic season, and they got a ton done where people said they couldn't succeed. I would have preferred they go a little farther into the postseason, but maybe that's being saved for next season. Still very proud of them.

Tomorrow, we get to break some hearts in the NL. And maybe this one will be a little easier to predict.

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