Friday, October 7, 2016

ALDS Update: This May Be Tricky Edition

I did expect a huge Toronto showing right off the bat...but not like this.

The Jays killed the Rangers, and absolutely shellacked Cole Hamels, to the point where it looked like Heidi was the responsible one in that family (yes, that was a Survivor reference). Marco Estrada pitched a gem and didn't let many Jays get by, which is very nice.

I'm very worried that the Blue Jays are just gonna absolutely dominate the playoffs like they did last year, so I hope the Rangers will be able to pick themselves back up and actually combat these guys so I can have an enjoyable time this October.

Meanwhile, in friendlier pastures...

Man, aren't the Indians happy they plucked this guy from New York? He damn near saved the game for them.

Yes, Jason Kipnis and Francisco Lindor were the ones that tore up Cy Young candidate Rick Porcello, but the win was thanks to Andrew Miller absolutely shutting down the Boston offense. This game made me a bit more confident that the series will be evenly matched, and not just a Boston blowout like I, and everyone, previously thought.

It'd be great if the Indians could rebound from being the injury-plagued washouts we all thought.

Tomorrow the playoffs continue, now with the NLDS'. That'll be fun.

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