Wednesday, October 12, 2016

NLDS: Triumph and Standstill

Welp. Looks like the Even Year thing had to end somewhere.

The Cubs, after dominating the entire season and getting slowly stronger as it went on, finally punched their ticket to the NLCS, where they'll be playing either the Nationals or Dodgers. It's gonna be a tough matchup, but I think it'll be pretty evenly matched. Plus, props to Javier Baez, Willson Contreras, Ben Zobrist and everyone else who broke the game wide open when I thought we'd have to go to 5.

As for the Giants...

Look, as much as I want to say it was an evenly matched little battle, and it times it was...the Giants were going into a battle with the best team in baseball, with an ailing rotation and no bullpen. What did they think was gonna happen?

At least they had Conor Gillaspie coming alive off the bench and completely slaying in clutch positions. They needed to have that Travis Ishikawa-esque player, and Gillaspie fit the bill.

Sad their season's over, especially after all of this, but they at least made an impact on the season as a whole, and they might even have enough to rebuild for next year now that the 'even year' superstition is dead.

Meanwhile, in more-contested waters..

Man, they just wanted to make this as difficult as possible.

The Nats and Dodgers are tied at 2, thanks to a very nice performance from Chase Utley and the Dodgers today. Honestly, this is a tight enough series that I honestly have no idea who's going to win. It could be either.

Thursday's Game 5 is going to be a battle between Rich Hill and Max Scherzer, two guys with the lowest ERAs in baseball, just sheer strikeout artists. And one of them has to win. So...buckle up.

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