Friday, October 7, 2016

The Toronto Conundrum

Always nice when things I didn't want to happen end up happening worse than I thought.

I didn't want the Blue Jays in the playoffs at all. It was great that the Cardinals were out, but the Jays were even peskier, would have been a lot easier if the Orioles took them out when they had the chance. They...they didn't.

Now, thanks to Kevin Pillar, Troy Tulowitzki, and John Gibbons figuring out how the Rangers' rotation ticks, the Jays are up two on the best team in the AL, and are in position to advance to the ALCS and terrorize the Indians or Red Sox for 7 games and flirt with getting a World Series.

I...did not...want this.

Worst part is the odds are against the Rangers to win 3 now, because...stats are a thing. They COULD, but...again, the Blue Jays have momentum, which is the most powerful weapon to have in the postseason. I fear the Giants could have a shit-ton of momentum too, but that's for another post. If the Blue Jays are building out momentum NOW, not only does it not reflect what they did during the regular season ( the whole point of BEING in the playoffs), but it's incredibly dangerous going through the rest of the playoffs, where most teams usually have trouble keeping momentum going.

Look...I'm fearing that the Blue Jays might win the World Series. I just hope that the ALCS will be a little tougher on the Jays- I've been waiting all season for someone to smack these guys.

Food for thought. On with the playoffs.

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