Saturday, October 8, 2016

Division Series' Night Two: Two Shellackings and a Standstill

You know...of all four division series, I expected certain teams to be up 2-0...but of all eight, I did not expect the Indians to be this hot off the beat. They're 2-0 over the Red Sox with one game left to win, and the pitching that I worried so much about is working the magic, in comparison to David Price and Rick Porcello. This Indians team that took the whole season to get hot is now finally retaining momentum, even after I feared they'd lost it.

Problem is they're going back to Boston for at least one game, and Fenway will be booming, I'm sure of that.
 Meanwhile, how about the Dodgers proving the naysayers that they've still got it. With some home runs over Max Scherzer and a pretty dominant Clayton Kershaw performance, they've made a huge power move with a first win over the Nats. Not sure at this state whether or not they'll be able to fashion a stronghold, but...I'm optimistic.

Then there's the Cubs-Giants game, which for eight innings was just a duel between Jon Lester and Johnny Cueto. And it was ferocious, like neither one was letting anyone get a word in edgewise, which is definitely gonna sum up this series.

Thankfully, Javier Baez turned in a run finally, and the Cubs snuck out with the win, but it's proved how tricky this series is gonna be, even if the Cubs are what they are.

Fantastic day of playoff baseball. Tomorrow, the madness continues in the NL.

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