Sunday, October 9, 2016

ALDS Update: GAAAHHHH Edition

Well, one half of the ALCS spots has been filled with someone I'd really, really rather not be there.

Thanks to a legitimate nail biter tonight, fueled by the batting on both sides coming alive and the Texas Rangers having some fantastic performances...the Blue Jays still won, with Josh Donaldson having an extras-homer that ended the series, and the Rangers' season.

This is something I feared from the moment the Blue Jays snuck into the playoffs, because, like the Giants, they're dangerous when they have the right momentum. You can't stop them. And I'm fearing that they're gonna keep rolling until the World Series. I'd rather like it if the Indians or Red Sox were strong enough to take them out and prevent an unwatchable series.

And elsewhere...

The good news is this is an excuse to show off one of my favorite customs of the year, but sadly, it comes as a eulogy segment in one of these posts.

The Rangers had a great season, and were ahead of the AL for a grand portion of it. The only problem is they lost power, and struggled with some injuries towards the back half, culminating in the series we got, where the Blue Jays easily overpowered them.

Again, very sad day, but...this is how baseball goes. Tomorrow, we get three games. Two are in clinching position. One's...kind of locked up.

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