Saturday, October 8, 2016

Nostalgic Box Break: 1995 Stadium Club High Number (Part Two)

Eight packs down. Sixteen to go. High numbers all around, even as the playoffs are crumbling around us.

Onto the next ones-

 Pack 9-
Cards I needed: 9/13
Dupes: 4/13
# of 80's Stars in Very Odd Uniforms: 4/13

 Bob Tewksbury as a Ranger! Gahhh! Also, John Burkett holding the fort for Miami, back in the teal days.

 Also Tom Henke as a Cardinal! GAAHH! At least this Benny Santiago as a Red card looks pretty damn cool, and dramatic. The red pinstriped vest actually suited him pretty well...for, like, one season.

 Our TransAction subsets are JOSE CANSECO, whose landing on the Sox was a big deal in '95, and Ken Hill, who apparently pitched for everybody in the 90's, landing on the Cardinals.

 Also, here's an Extreme Corps of Cecil Fielder, in one of his last seasons of dominant material in Detroit.

 Pack 10-
Cards I needed: 6/13
Dupes: 7/13
Surprisingly Ubiquitous Closers: 1/13

 My only highlights here were a pensive Andujar Cedeno, and an inexplicable Heath Slocumb on the Phillies card.

 Pack 11- Uuuughhh...
Dupes: 11/13
Cards I needed: 2/13
Cards I needed that were Hall of Famers: 2/2

 ANDRE DAWSON ON THE MARLINS...possibly one of the coolest and most unheralded short-term HOF stops out there. Gotta love the Hawk in teal.
Additionally, here's an Extreme Corps of The Big Hurt for good measure.

 Pack 12-
Cards I needed: 6/13
Dupes: 6/13
Cool Inserts of Terrible Prospects: 1/13

 Brad Radke, embarking on his decade-long journey as an ace in Minnesota, and Todd Hollandsworth, who proved that winning the ROY in Los Angeles in the 90's doesn't ALWAYS amount to a great career.
 Extreme Corps of Barry Bonds, yeah yeah, BUT...
That is a Crystal Ball insert, which is actually a pretty cool design...of Dustin Hermanson, rookie for the Padres. Man, Topps sure did call that one. Journeyman pitcher who never really achieved anything other than closing for the 2005 White Sox.

 Pack 13-
Dupes: 10/13
Cards I needed: 3/13

 At least Darren Daulton's Extreme Corps was in there. Always nice to pull a Daulton every once in a while.

 Pack 14-
Dupes: 8/13
Cards I needed: 5/13
Hall of Famers: 1/13
Guys Inexplicably Added to the Veterans Ballot: 1/13

 Charlie Hayes as a Phillie, which was kind of odd, and a pensive batter's box shot of Benji Gil.

 The Extreme Corps in '95 for the Rangers was...somehow Will Clark. Hadn't especially gotten the hint yet, eh Topps?

 At least there's this wonderful sendoff shot for Dave Winfield, playing his last season as a member of the 1995 Indians (who ALMOST won the World Series).

 Pack 15-
Cards I needed: 2/13
Dupes: 10/13
Sort-of Disappointing Inserts: 1/13

 FINALLY we get the Extreme Corps for LA, Mike Piazza, still in his prime.

 This is another really cool insert set, PowerZone. The fact that it's Rafael Palmeiro sort of takes the sting out of it, but at least he had more of a career than Dustin Hermanson.

 Pack 16-
Cards I needed: 3/13
Dupes: 10/13

A duo of Sox to end the pack. Mike Macfarlane looks pretty bummed to be on the '95 Sox, while Frank Rodriguez' is pretty cool because it focuses on the back view.

Last eight packs will go up sometime soon, probably in the next few days.

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