Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Game One: The World Series' Filthy Lesson

The worst part about this World Series matchup, and it's the ONLY bad part, is that you have two teams that haven't won in over fifty years, and one of them has to lose. One of them came so close to winning and have to break some hearts after 7 games.

It could either be the Indians or the Cubs. And judging by Game 1, it's not gonna be a cakewalk for either.

Look, as much as I want to make like most of the news media and call it for the Cubs...the absolute power coming from the pitching staff cannot be denied. Corey Kluber absolutely dominated the Cubs tonight, and he's been pulling fantastic numbers all year, having his best season since his 2014 Cy Young. This rotation has Trevor Bauer, Josh Tomlin and Ryan Merritt, all in great condition, plus Danny Salazar will likely be on hand to start a game if needed. This, plus the fact that Jon Lester gave up several runs tonight, could be a factor in determining the outcome.

And as much as I want to give credit to the pitching in Cleveland...

...Lineup's not too far off.

Look, we were all worried about the status of the lineup without Yan Gomes, or without a more official catching upgrade, but the fact of the matter is that Roberto Perez, whom no one had really heard of before this, hit two home runs tonight, and will likely never have to buy a beer in Cleveland ever again.

The lineup's doing as well as the rotation- tonight's win was 6-0, not 1-0. This could be a hard-fought battle of lineups, especially once Chicago's wakes up (it took a game or so last series as well).

Very excited for Game 2. Again, either team wins and I'm happy. Not a single villain in the bunch for me.

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