Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Some Francona October Magic

...I bet you that nobody saw this one coming.

That's what I love about baseball. Teams who you underestimate can end up ruling the whole league. The Indians were counted out by everyone, stuck to their guns, loaded up and became the best team in the American league- they got hot at the right time, and they kept their raw materials strong.

This is thanks in part to a killer rotation, a nicely assembled outfield, and the amazing powers of Terry Francona to put together a World Series ready team.

I'm really excited to see what this team does in a World Series environment.

As for the dearly departed,

Look...the Blue Jays outdid my expectations, and did a lot with a depleted team. So I'm happy they made it this far. However...I'm a little happier that they didn't make the World Series. It wasn't...really theirs to take.

They had a nice season, snuck in and fought hard...but this was the Indians' year.

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