Thursday, October 27, 2016

Nostalgic Box Break: 1996 Stadium Club Series One (Part Two)

8 packs down, 16 to go. Again, there's a lot less of a chance of set-completion in a set like this, as there's only 10 cards per pack. Still, I'm in it for the experience. On with the show...

 Pack 9-
Cards I needed: 5/10
Dupes: 4/10
Inserts ft. 2 Hall of Famers: 1/10
Team Legends: 4/10
Guys Still Being Paid by the Mets: 1/10

 Mark Grace spent a good portion of his career in Chicago, and didn't get a ring until the season he left. Perhaps he showed up 2 decades too soon? Also, Bobby Bo was on the O's at this point.

 Proof that Al Martin just makes really, really good cards.
Also, Darren Daulton was sitting, having a think. This would be his last season in Philadelphia, as most of the catching would be done by Benito Santiago that year.

 THIS is our insert, one of the few we can get in this box. Midsummer matchup, which I imagine foretold the Interleague play. The front shows Barry Larkin...

 While the back shows Cal Ripken. A pretty sweet deal, even if it's a bit light on design.

 Pack 10-
Dupes: 3/10
Cards I needed: 7/10
Unstoppable 90's Sluggers: 2/10
Hall of Famers: 1/10

 Cecil's card marked one of HIS last seasons in Detroit, as he'd be in the Bronx very soon. Also, Kirby's card, one of his last, is a pretty remarkable one- full stadium view, and full wingspan. That's the coolest.

 A couple decent shots. David Bell's making an in-field move in Montreal (I think). Our one-per-pack Team Stadium Club is of Jeff Conine.

 Pack 11-
Cards I needed: 8/10
Dupes: 2/10
Players Removing Hats: 2/10
 Terry Pendleton and John Mabry unite in going hatless. Meanwhile, Bret Saberhagen was still pitching in '96, for the Rockies.

 Two really cool static stadium shots- Marty Cordova's is a very cool, varied stadium one, possibly done on the same shoot as Kirby Puckett's. Meanwhile, Joe Vitiello's is a cool little Spring Training shot.

 Pack 12-
Cards I needed: 7/10
Dupes: 3/10
Hall of Famers: 2/10
Current Managers: 1/10

 Team TSC for this pack was Luis Alicea. Not all of them were winners.
Also, Jim Bullinger's another landmark stadium shot from this set. The photography definitely hasn't shirked by much in this issue, I'll say.

 Two Hall of Fame pitchers, Dennis Eckersley and Greg Maddux. Eck would be in St. Louis very, very shortly. Additionally, one of the last Topps issues of Don Mattingly.

 Pack 13-
Cards I needed: 6/10
Dupes: 4/10

 Two rather nice infield plays from Mickey Morandini and Brent Gates.

 Mike MacFarlane runs, Gary DiSarcina hits, and Mo Vaughn downs a few cheeseburgers.

 Pack 14-
Dupes: 3/10
Cards I needed: 6/10
Absolutely Amazing Inserts: 1/10
Reds: 2/10

 Two 90's heroes- Hal Morris and Len Dykstra, who definitely helped get their teams to the postseason once or twice.

 A rather nice Carlos Garcia DP card, and a Ron Gant Team TSC, for his lone season in Cincinnati, as well as his arguable best season in the bigs. one fantastic insert.
It's Frank Thomas, which is a plus because it's someone I collect, and it's for the MEGAHEROES insert set, which promotes superior strength, as aided by that colossal guy behind him. Also, it's nice, because Thomas is one of the few non-steroid-abusers in this insert set.

 Pack 15-
Dupes: 5/10
Cards I needed: 4/10
Sweepstakes Cards: 1/10

 My few highlights in this pack were a Gold Sweepstakes card of Mets arm Bill Pulsipher, as well as a pretty nice Team TSC of Paul O'Neill.

 Pack 16-
Dupes: 3/10
Cards I needed: 7/10
Hall of Famers: 2/10
Former Managers: 1/10

 Matt Williams was a season away from his 2nd act. Kenny Rogers was 10 years away from his 2nd act. Benito Santiago was already on a plane to Philly when this card was being made.

Ah yes, a base card of Ken Griffey Jr. Impossible to come by these days. Additionally, my Team TSC was another HOFer, the great Barry Larkin.

Part 3 will be up relatively soon. I have another box in the tube that requires breaking quite soon.


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