Saturday, October 15, 2016

ALCS Update: Who Saw This Coming? Edition

Two games down. Two Cleveland wins. And it's not a Twilight Zone episode.

It's weird, because I wrote the post the other day with 'yeah, they're a fun team but I'm not sure if they'll absolutely dominate'. I had no idea they'd completely stymie the Blue Jays offense for two days in a row. That's impossible to do, no matter who you are. And it was with not only Corey Kluber but JOSH TOMLIN, who's one of the unsung heroes of a rotation who's lost a bit of its mojo.

I want this to keep going. This is absolutely amazing, and it's happening to the one team that's DESERVED something this fantastic, and it's about time.

Game 3's in 2 days. Trevor Bauer returns. If they win that one, oh brother.

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