Friday, October 5, 2018

A Hanger-Box of 2018 Topps Heritage High Number

We're in dead playoff heat, and to celebrate, here's a hanger box of an update set that itself needs an update set, Topps High Number. I'm praying that Topps Update won't have the same early production cutoff issues as this set did.

So, we'll do this: I'm still gonna be counting outdated cards, players who've been traded since the product was designed, but I'm gonna see how that total relates to the number of players who are CURRENTLY in playoff action. If they're not on their team's roster, or if they played for a team that lost the Wild Card game, I'm not counting them. Let's see which number wins.

671- Carlos Gomez. These next few are dupes.
569- Greg Holland. Outdated Update #1- ended the year in Washington.
572- Tyler Skaggs
687- Roberto Perez. Playoff Contender #1- the backup catcher is indeed on the Indians' playoff roster.
587- Brandon McCarthy. Not on the Braves' playoff roster, due to his impending retirement.
680- Cheslor Cuthbert
592- Yairo Munoz. The rest of this box are all needs for me.
565- Dan Otero. Playoff Contender #2, as he's definitely a needed presence in the Indians' pen.
697- Brad Boxberger. Heck of a comeback year.
594- Harrison Musgrave. Playoff Contender #3, a must-have on the Rockies' pen.
681- Kelby Tomlinson
621- Ross Stripling. Playoff Contender #4, definitely starting soon for LA.
626- Rajai Davis. Uhhmmm...he's not confirmed for the Indians' playoff 25-man as I write this, so I'll chalk this up to a 'no', might end up happening.
614- Will Smith. If his Players Weekend nickname wasn't 'Fresh Prince'...
628- Cameron Maybin. Outdated Update #2, ended the year in Seattle.
677- Jacob Nottingham. Didn't make Milwaukee's.
Rookie Performers of RHYS HOSKINS. ALL RIGHT!!
713- Matt Kemp SHORT PRINT. And Playoff Contender #5, as he'll definitely be playing for the Dodgers this October, along with...
Award Winners of Cody Bellinger, Playoff Contender #6
685- Eric Lauer
669- AJ Minter, Playoff Contender #7, as he's been closing for Atlanta
637- Joe Jimenez
513- Jaime Garcia. Outdated Update #3, finished in Chicago
602- CESAR HERNANDEZ. Philly hero.
511- Scott Kingery, another fun Phillie this year.
624- Nick Ahmed
665- CHASE UTLEY. A fitting (probably) final issue for Chut, who is, yes, Playoff Contender #8.
698- Merandy Gonzalez
542- Marco Gonzales
562- Joe Kelly. Another guy that's not exactly confirmed yet for the Sox' pen,'s pretty likely.
631- Robert Gsellman.
556- Mike Fiers...Outdated Update #4, pictured as a Tiger, finished in Oakland. Would have been Contender #9 had I written this before the WC games.
683- Andrew Cashner
696- Tyler Austin. Outdated Update #5, now on the Twins.
555- Matt Moore

Playoff Contenders win 8 to 5, which is nice. Got some nice stuff in here, even though I only pulled one Yankee.

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  1. Would you be interested in trading any of these cards? I am interested in the Indians cards as well as the Eric Lauer (Padres) cards that you pulled.

    Thanks Tim