Tuesday, October 2, 2018

NL Wild Card Game Preview: Sudden Death

We go into the playoff with two teams that both have a lot to prove, mostly that they belong in the playoffs they were, until recently, guaranteed a spot in. The Cubs have landed in the past 3 NLCS', have won a World Series, and have spent most of the season on top of the NL Central. Them, plus the ever-ballistic bat of Daniel Murphy, are out for vengeance tonight, hoping to have a rematch with Milwaukee next week.

But, in their way...

The team that nearly kept the Dodgers out of first, with some of the most impressive offensive abilities of the year, and with some surprising improvement from their bullpen and rotation. The Rockies have proved that they've come a long way from being a first round ouster last year, so on a night where history could very well repeat itself, Wade Davis and the Rockies are gonna do their best to defy the odds, take down the Cubs and waltz into October.

It could go either way, and while I'm rooting for the underdogs here, I'd love if either team won and got to play the Brewers later on. Hope it's a nice game.

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