Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Box Break: 2018 Topps Update Series (Part Two)

Last night, we saw the first 9 packs, and a pack of shiny 1983s. Tonight, we've got 9 more packs til our halfway point. It's Update Series, and it's a bit more exciting than watching the Sox win another damned Series.

 Pack 10-
2018 Playoffs: 4/10
Phillies personnel: 2/10
Cards featuring Francisco Lindor: 2/10

 Two AL West standouts- Tyler Skaggs had a nice year til he got injured, and Stephen Piscotty, in a nice photo, had a comeback year in Oakland.

 Two cards I'd been wanting to land- a premier card of Slamtana in Philly, and Cole Hamels dominating in Chicago. Both pretty cool cards, too.

My second Mikolas of the box, this one an 83 insert. And Lindor and Votto's ASG cards are, while standard, still welcome.

 Pack 11-
2018 Playoffs: 5/10
2018 MVP hopefuls: 2/10
 That Ohtani-Ichiro card is wonderful.
So's the Nelson Cruz ASG one, where he poses with his MVP award immediately post-game.

 Sean Manaea gets a Game Changers card for no-hitting the Sox. Nicely done.
Baez and Gomes' ASG/HRD cards are, again, standard. But why alter the formula now?

Ah yes, the JD Martinez card everyone's been searching for. A cool one, at that. And Neil Walker's Yankees issue, his season, is kinda underwhelming.

 Pack 12-
Dupes: 4/10
Yankees: 2/10

 Lewis Brinson was a disappointment for the Marlins,, fit well with the team. Dickerson and Contreras had great seasons, though.

Two guys I was glad to have on my team this year. Lance Lynn had some nice starts, even if he was inconsistent at times.

 Pack 13-
Yankees: 2/10
Relievers: 3/10

 A RD card for Mike Soroka, who was a great story for the Braves til he got injured. A lot of cards are calling him Michael, which is odd.
Sean Doolittle's ASG card is great, though his season, too, was marred by injury. As usual for him.

 Duo of AL West guys- Alex Colome, who did well as set-up man for Edwin Diaz, and Shin-Soo Choo's ASG card, which is a great one.

 Devin Mesoraco as a Met is an odd, but fine, sight. Ryan Yarbrough's rookie card is another nice one, especially considering how lethal the long-man was this season.
And an International Affair insert, which is like the World Domination insert from 07T, only much shittier, of HIDEKI MATSUI. Awesome.

More Yanks-Sox stuff, which always works. GLEYBER TORRES' ROOKIE, which is a welcome acquisition, and a J.D. Martinez ASG card.

 Pack 14-
People Named After Thins You Need to Catch a Fish: 2/10 (Hand...and Trout. Heheh)
2018 Playoffs: 2/10

 That Angels combo card is awesome. Like something from Stadium Club.
The Lagares is great as well, even though they had to have gotten that photo from way early in the season.

 Candelario's card should have been in flagship, but I'm not complaining. And Brad Hand's first Indians card is just awesome.

 Brandon Morrow had a nice run as Cubs closer until injury struck. Same goes for Pablo Sandoval, whose career has definitely improved since rejoining the Giants.

Another International Affair insert, this one of Jose Abreu. Plus ASG cards of Paul Goldschmidt and, the GOAT, Mike Trout.

Pack 15-
Three notable cards here (that weren't dupes)- an Angels combo, a gold parallel of Randal Grichuk, numbered to 2018, and my third consecutive International Affair insert, this one of Yoenis Cespedes, a personal favorite of mine.

 Pack 16-
Mariners: 2/10
Future HOFers: 2/10

 Joey Wendle's rookie card is made nicer by the scoreboard, while the ASG card of Nolan Arenado is improved by being a landscape shot.

 A trio of fine pitchers.

 FOURTH INTERNATIONAL AFFAIR IN A ROW. This one's of Ziggy, which is nice. And a Mariners card of Denard Span.

That Ichiro legendary. And a fitting final sendoff, if he is, in fact, done.
Plus...Juan Soto's rookie.  Which is probably worth a little bit of dough.

 Pack 17-
A's rookies from like 2010: 2/10
Astros rookies from like 2016: 2/10
Kansas City A's rookies from like 1968: 1/10

 Trevor Cahill had a comeback year this year, which is awesome. Tyson Ross' numbers dipped after joining the Cardinals, but he's definitely had a nice turnaround year. Teoscar Hernandez is still a nice outfield piece for the Jays.

 Segura's become a consistent hits guy, which is awesome. And Albies and Folty have become nice pieces of this new Braves movement.

Reggie's is a legends uniform, and I appreciate the yellow A's cap. And...Zach Britton's first card as a Yankee is pretty nice.

 Pack 18-
2018 Playoffs: 3/10
Former Orioles: 2/10

 Bauer had one hell of a year, and Hicks' strikeouts in the 8th deserve that Game Changers insert.

 And a really, really cool photo of Jose Berrios in the ASG.

And, the two ex-Orioles. The one on the left didn't do too well. The one on the right back to his old tricks after joining the Dodgers. Manny's still one of the greats.

The second half of this box is still left to go. Next 9 packs hold the hit. And...not to give it a way, but there's a rant attached to it.

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