Friday, October 19, 2018

Rack Packs of 2018 Topps Fire and 2018 Topps Archives

In the lead-up to Topps Update, which, considering that there are actual traded players on the checklist this year, you will be seeing a LOT of on the blog this year, I stopped by Target hoping to find something like this year's 2008 UD Timeline (2018 Panini Chronicles), but settled on more Archives (as I AM building the set), and 2 packs of Topps Fire, a set I've heard a lot about but whose weirdness has kept me at a safe distance.

I'll start with Archives, because...y'all have seen enough of that on the blog.

Pack 1-
27- Max Fried. NEED.
81- Goose Gossage. NEED. Also, love that they went with San Diego, as well as calling him Goose. Like, you don't see modern Topps calling Tim Raines Rock or anything, but this is nice.
23- Don Mattingly. NEED. As a Yankee fan who knows about the second half of his career, I still don't know why they keep doing Mattingly cards.
51- Mike Piazza. NEED. Good track record with 59 legends so far.
95- Willy Adames. NEED.
96- Eddie Murray. NEED. I haven't been this spot on with 59s in a while.
137- Alex Verdugo. Of course, on the other hand, this means I don't need any of these 77s...
107- Richie Ashburn. Dupe, but YAY I GET A NEW ASHBURN!
119- Jim Bunning. Dupe, but you never see modern Topps talk about Bunning's time in Detroit anymore.
120- Johnny Bench
200- Derek Jeter. This pack has been WILD on legends, which is great.
Dodgers 81 Future Stars: Buehler, Verdugo and Farmer. Only Buehler has made a significant impact on this postseason.
Coming Attractions of JP Crawford. Dupe, sadly.
253- Russell Martin. NEED.
287- Mike Soroka. NEED.
285- Brandon Woodruff. NEED, AND having a great postseason!
239- Tony Perez. NEED. Good to see Perez in this set, too..
226- George Kell. NEED. So, to recap, ONE HALF of this pack, 9 cards, were made up of legends. That is a nice ratio, especially when you consider what Archives used to be.

Pack 2-
9- Nicky Delmonico. NEED. I don't like that a grown man wants to be called Nicky.
41- Paul Goldschmidt. NEED.
79- Luis Castillo. Dupe. Welp.
94- Lorenzo Cain. Dupe, but these are all cool hero cards.
56- AARON NOLA. Dupe, but still AARON NOLA.
124- Nolan Arenado. Dupe.
125- Justin Bour. NEED. Now a Phillie, but this card is cool enough.
181- MASAHIRO TANAKA. Need.'s Tanaka, so that's cool enough.
135- Nelson Cruz. And we're back to dupes
161- Justin Smoak
164- GLEYBER TORRES. Dupe, but still a Torres.
71- Jake Odorizzi...PURPLE PARALLEL, #'D TO 175. Which is nice and all...but if this didn't have the parallel, I'd have needed this. Welp.
Coming Attractions of CLINT FRAZIER. NICE.
241- Edgar Martinez. NEED. Hopefully HOF'er Class of 2019.
275- Mark McGwire. NEED, but ugh.
272- JOSE ALTUVE. Great card, and NEED.
220- Yoenis Cespedes. Dupe, but still a nice card.

And now the Fire

Pack 1-
24- Corey Knebel. Yeah, uh...this is a lot. I mean, yes, originality, but there's still a lot to drown out the photo. While that may be the point, I don't LOVE that it's the point. Also, including Corey Knebel in a limited-checklist set like this was an odd choice.
145- Reynaldo Lopez
121- Gregory Polanco. Okay, it definitely stands out, which is a compliment I think.
200- Sandy Koufax. Okay, seeing KOUFAX in a set like this is VERY jarring.
Golden Sledgehammer insert of Miguel Sano. Blue chip parallel, which is rack-pack exclusive.
94- Jacob DeGrom flame parallel...I think
Noah Syndergaard Flame Throwers Blue Chip. These are cool, albeit confusing
34- Salvador Perez
151- Freddie Freeman
4- Adam Duvall
43- Gary Sanchez. Alright, at least I got a Yankee out of it.

Pack 2-
135- Andrelton Simmons
198- Roger Clemens. Ugh
38- Willie McCovey, who looks weird in this set, but still cool enough
62- Lucas Giolito
Golden Sledgehammer Blue Chip of Mark Reynolds
94- Jacob DeGrom Flame parallel...which I JUST PULLED...
104- Christian Yelich, who's having a great postseason.
8- Pedro Martinez
186- Willy Adames
152- Blake Snell

So...Fire is a mess. Barely enjoyable. But...still sorta worth it? I don't know. At least the Archives was pretty good.

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