Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Playoffs Day 5: Finalization and Infuriation

So...I predicted that the Astros would take down the Indians this week, but I wasn't exactly expecting a rout. And I certainly didn't think it'd be a three-game sweep where the Indians would only be held to a couple runs. It honestly just proves the dangerousness of this Astros team, who, even with some lineup shuffling and with Dallas Keuchel starting, still managed to pull away. They're getting home field advantage, and waiting for an ALCS matchup with whoever wins the AL East battle.

I do feel bad for this guy, and this Indians team, as they've gotten so close to winning a World Series as of late, and have had shitty mistakes keep them from greatness. It's sad to see them get so close only for them to break hearts, but I do think they'll still be around to chase a pennant next year, and I do still think that core of the lineup, and that rotation, still has a ton of promise.

...Now, normally when this guy appears in the postseason, I get very frightened, maybe take out a little wooden cross or something. But now that David Freese is playing for a team that isn't the Cardinals, and that he's doing pretty well, he's beginning to grow on me. It also helps that this Dodgers team has been so consistently sharp this postseason, nudging the Braves out even after their Game 3. I'll be looking forward to how they match up against Milwaukee in the NLCS.

Meanwhile, these guys had an unlucky go at the playoffs yet again, despite some fantastic regular season work from all parts. I honestly don't think they're out of it yet, and that they really just needed to solidify some things in order to become a truly great team. They may be back, which...may be infuriating for Philly fans.

Meanwhile...since I don't have a Holt made up, I'll post Nunez, but...dear god, that game was depressing to watch. They just kept hammering at the poor Yankee pitching staff. It just got worse and worse, and they just kept finding holes in the Yankee defense. I turned it off at about the 6th inning. There's no doubt that this is a terrific team (now), but I just wish the Yankees put up a bit more of a fight against them tonight. The first two games were kinda close, and I miss that.

We've got a game tonight at home. I really, really hope this one goes well. It's our last chance to prove that we belong in the postseason, and I'd really like to prove something positive.

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