Wednesday, October 3, 2018

AL Wild Card Preview: It Surely Can't be This Easy

On paper, this is a 'no contest' sort of thing: the 100-win Yankees, a team that set the record for home runs, against the cinderella A's. However, I do think the A's have every right to be here, and I predict this one could go into extras, and be even more of a stalemate than the Cubs-Rockies game. Having witnessed a Yankees-A's matchup earlier this that went into extras and became more of a pitching battle than anything, I know how tough this team can be, even if underestimated. So while the home runs and power of Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Luke Voit could lead to an easy victory...

We simply cannot forget how crafty, and skilled, this A's team has become, especially since gradually retooling their bullpen, refocusing the outfield on young talent, and letting Matt Chapman lead the way. People like Stephen Piscotty and Mike Fiers, who've been at the mercy of teams of late, have been fantastic this year, and a team that could have been in fourth all year has risen to the challenge.

Obviously you know where my rooting points are, but I'm just expecting a fun baseball game. Knowing these two teams, that's probably what we're gonna get.

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