Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Heartbreak City

I kind of wanted to title this post 'Angel Hernandez can go lick a dingus', but I feel as though that would have come off as juvenile and crass. So this is what we've got.

So...that was a tough loss.

Not only was that a loss against a Red Sox team we should have prepared better for, but it was against a Red Sox team that played dirty. This Sox team brought it every single game, even when we didn't. They had the pitching, they had the bench support, they worked when the lineup was shuffled, and they didn't crack after Game 2. This team only has one subpar variable, and it's David Price. The Yankees have far more of those.

To be honest, this was bound to happen. It was just a matter of momentum, and the Yankees couldn't hold onto theirs. And while this is a sad ending to a great season, it's still one that makes sense.

I'm still proud of this Yankees team. I'm still happy they came as far as they did, and I'm excited to see how they bounce back in 2019.

As for the winners...

...I hope the Astros do to you what you just did to my Yankees.

I think I said earlier this year, 'oh, the Yanks-Sox matchup has never been this fun, this likable all around'. I rescind that. This one was bloodthirsty to the end, and the Sox were far from great sports about it. And they're going up against a team that, in my eyes, could get back to the World Series. So they're gonna need to really push for this one.

Obviously y'all know where my rooting interest lies on the ALCS. Especially after this series.

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  1. Man that was an exciting game. Exciting to the very last out.