Monday, October 22, 2018

Nostalgic Box Break: 1999 Topps Stadium Club Series 2 (Part Two)

Yesterday, I started a box of 1999 Stadium Club. Why? Because it's such a cool set. That's why.

Even from the way the packs are set up here. Where this box can become a standee by just opening the goddamned thing. THAT is a testament to how cool this set is. The base set is gorgeous, the inserts are inspired, and while this is a few paces away from's still a small enough base set where you can complete it eventually. As I probably will.

We've got six more packs to go in this jumbo box before we're through with this one. And considering that we've got a far more important box to get to tomorrow night, I'd say we crack on.

 Pack 7-
Dupes: 2/15
Needs: 12/15
Steroid Abusers: 3/15
Phillies Personnel: 3/15

Gregg Olson looks very odd in a D-Backs uniform. I still do have a fondness for the predominantly-purple early D-Backs jerseys, though.
And Doug Glanville, in his pre-ESPN days, did allow for a lot of nice card shots.

 Dave Hollins, far from his Philly days, reminds me how odd the 90s Angels uniforms look now. Also, that is Carlos Lee's rookie card, and my does he look fit there.

Matt Morris was a St. Louis ace back in 1999, which proves they've come pretty far. And Mike Lieberthal was the second of three-straight franchise catchers in Philly, though I do prefer the guys that came before (Daulton) and after (Chooch) respectively. 

Mo Vaughn and Steve Finley were new to these teams- Vaughn would begin his descent into strikeouts, while Finley would nab a World Series ring within a few years. 
These would be some big-deal base cards if I were anything resembling a normal collector. Perhaps the sight of NOMAH in his prime, and Bonds during his MVP run, is a bit more savory to other collectors. 
Gosh, I love these Triumvirate inserts. This Kerry Wood one is the Luminescent component. I'm pretty sure that Sammy Sosa is one third of this trio. The other third is where I have to actually consult BBCpedia. Apparently they went less with a Cubs theme and more with a pitching theme, and made the decision to pair this SOPHOMORE YEAR player, with one good year under his belt...with Greg Maddux and Tom Glavine.

Pack 8-
Needs: 14/15
HOFers: 1/15
Steroid Abusers: 2/15
One Letter Off From An Oscar Winner: 1/15 (Here's looking at you, kid).
 A a throwback and a duo of sideways shots. Dan Wilson's may be the most elegant, but Belliard's Milwaukee cap is cool, and Bordick's infield play is impressive as heck.

 Chuck Finley played forever, and he was an integral piece of several pre-WS Angels squads. Tom Goodwin's card kinda works because of the simplicity of the angle. We only know some of the story of the slide, and I like that. Very 70s Topps.

Darin Erstad makes a gun, and Tim Bogar makes a leaping catch.

Some veteran legends- Smoltz had the best career of the three, as both Nomo and Eric Davis had some drop-off after their legendary runs, but...I still love pulling Nomo cards, especially the rare Mets issue.

A Chrome parallel of Alex Rodriguez. This would have been worth a ton more money in 1999. Or even 2009.

 Pack 9-
Needs: 14/15
HOFers: 3/15
Borderline HOFers: 1/15 (2 if you count Clemens)
2000s World Series Heroes: 4/15
Jose Valentin's leg kick is awesome and all, but it's gotten him banned from Cobra Kai.
And Doc Gooden...was not only still pitching in 1999, but was actually coming off a strong 1998. 
Two Angels heroes. Neither could really manage to craft wholly impressive careers, though.

 Lansing's DP is cool, but 2nd-year Magglio still has this awesomeness about him, as he would for a little while.

 Two Hall of Famers! Barry Larkin looks awesome in this running shot, and Cal's shot is pretty classy, as he was.

 The two most important offseason acquisitions of 1999- Randy Johnson was snapped up by Arizona, and Roger Clemens was traded to the Yankees. Both would square off in the 2001 World Series.

Eric Chavez is our second Never Compromise insert of the box, and these are still cool. Curt Schilling is in one of his final years in Philly. I often imagine how likable he would have remained had he stayed in Philly.

 Pack 10-
Needs: 14/15
Steroid Abusers: 3/15
Current Managers: 1/15
HOFers: 1/15

 Aaron Boone's hustling like hell out there, but that means he'd be benched by current-day Aaron Boone in favor of Aaron Hicks.
Cliff Floyd's catch looks hella cool here.

Jay Buhner is still a hero in Seattle, which is nice. Brad Lidge, as this is his rookie, is...sort of still a hero in Philly? I don't know. His later seasons sort of detracted from the legend a bit.

 A trio of forgotten 2000s stars. Lopez had his breakout year 12 years into his career, Kotsay essentially played for every team he could for a while, and Sexson had an odd come up in the 2000s.

 This is a cool Gary Sheffield card, but it won't mask how much he disappointed Dodgers fans. And the Piazza card is another cool one, with the detail giving just enough.

This Sammy Sosa is our second Video Replay insert, and I do really like these, even if both of mine ended up being steroids-y.

Pack 11-
Needs: 15/15
People Who Have Played Miguel Tejada in Something: 2/15 (one of which being Miguel Tejada)
Blue Jays personnel: 3/15
Tricky HOF cases: 2/15 (Edgar and Aramis)
HOFers: 1/15

 Hentgen and Cone were Blue Jays aces, but not at the same time. Shannon Stewart was a fun player for Toronto and Minnesota for a while.

 This is an early Aramis Ramirez issue, which is pretty cool. And any Edgar Martinez issue is extremely cool in itself.

Two short-lived acquisitions. Robin Ventura would make an outstanding third baseman in Queens for a bit, before jumping ship and joining the city competition. Ken Caminiti's arrival in Houston would spell near the end for his career. 

As answer to my weird Tejada thing earlier, Royce Clayton did get to play Miguel Tejada in the film Moneyball, on the 1999 A's. I can only imagine Tejada has played himself once or twice.
And...Ken Griffey Jr. is incapable of making bad cardboard.

Pack 15-
Needs: 11/15
Dupes: 3/15
Current Managers: 1/15
People Who are STILL PLAYING???: 1/15
 Two awesome Pirates shots. As shitty as they were for a while, they were capable of producing great cardboard.

 A cool catcher shot from Mike DiFelice, and the superior swing of Tino Martinez

AJ Hinch must be looking forward to managing a World Series-winning team. Jamie Moyer is a full 12 years from retirement.

 These two were out transactions, which may have been big deals in 1999. Gregg Jefferies in a Tigers uniform is odd to me.

Finally, a Never Compromise insert of Vinny Castilla, who did compromise a few times I think, a base card of Kerry Wood, and a rookie card of Matt Holliday, still wearing that very uniform, and still playing for the Rockies. Yes, he may be done after this season, but since I didn't pull a Colon, this is still a current player in this set, which is nice.

That was 1999 Stadium Club Series 2. That was a fun rip. Lots of character in this set, which I love. I've got a ton of this set built, and I'm still working.

Tomorrow night...a more recent box. One that harkens back to a blog tradition that I had going for a few years, and skipped last year due to Topps' laziness.


  1. Hey I'm still working on this set too. I have a list of needs on my blog if you are interested in making a trade.

  2. This is such a gorgeous set. Might need to track down a complete set on eBay. The photography is amazing. Never even heard of Tim Bogar, but his card is fantastic!