Monday, October 8, 2018

Playoffs Day 4 Update: Morning and Mourning

Since I'm a fool and didn't make a Gary Sanchez custom, I'll instead showcase this guy, who I'd never thought I'd see in a Yankee uniform, but has been doing pretty alright in the leadoff spot. Cutch, along with Voit and Sanchez, made things pretty difficult for David Price, and tied their series with the Red Sox Saturday night. Tonight, they're home, and go against Nate Eovaldi with some recharged momentum.

Meanwhile, how about THIS GUY having a career day? Yes, he's been hit-miss in the playoffs so far, but this is 2018 Gerrit Cole. He had 12 strikeouts against the Indians, some amazing firepower, and zero walks. His stuff was more than enough to secure a 2-0 lead over Cleveland, heading to Progressive Field.

And speaking of record-breakers, this guy became the youngest player ever with a postseason grand slam, edging out Mickey Mantle. This Game 3 was proof that the Braves aren't lying down just yet, and are willing to keep LA at bay, despite their power. Tonight's Game 4 will be even bigger considering this win.

And this guy, after a disappointing statistical year, had an impressive knock last night, along with Keon Broxton, to seal their series win over Colorado. The Brewers have been on fire as of late, and deserve the heck out of an NLCS entry. It'll be fun to see them compete for their first World Series in over 35 years.

And sadly, that means we have to eulogize this Rockies team, who were a ton of fun, and outdid the odds several times this year, even in a Wild Card game with postseason giants like the Cubs. This team had so many little players, like Tony Wolters, who could squeeze through and make something great. They'll hopefully retain more than enough of this team to build on it. 

Tonight, we get a Game 4, a crucial Game 3, and an anyone-can-take-the-lead Game 3. Fun stuff ahead. 

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