Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Met Down

Second year in a row where the Mets are perfectly content with missing the playoffs and acting as the chief executive in charge of clobbering teams who are in the running for the playoffs. The Princes of Spite.

In the past week, the Mets have delivered a 14-1 blow to Philly and a 18-1 blow to Toronto, other teams in similar points as they in being in the running for playoff spots. But last night, the Phillies essentially sealed the Mets' fate with a win that puts Queens behind Cincinnati, Colorado and Milwaukee for a spot. The Mets, despite impressive seasons from Michael Conforto, Jacob deGrom, Dominic Smith, and occasionally Edwin Diaz, probably aren't going to be making the playoffs this year. 

The next few series' are against Atlanta, Tampa and Washington. For the series' with the two division leaders, as well as the one now with Philly, the Mets are probably going to try to continue being the spoiler in the NL, being good enough to potentially stop competitive teams and make clear flaws that they have to address before the postseason, if that's in the cards to begin with. 

And that's the thing- even if the Mets aren't playoff-bound, they still are capable of winning big games. The infield core of Alonso-McNeil-Rosario-Cano is strong enough, and it can take on Todd Frazier, Andres Gimenez, Luis Guillorme and Dominic Smith popping in at any point. Brandon Nimmo, Jacob DeGrom and Seth Lugo are all having great years. This is not a bad team, but it's an outmatched team, and all they can do this year is fight back at the teams that might make it. 

Does this mean the Mets could be a contender next year? Well...given the new ownership bringing a desire to buy, and the fact that the Mets have now been quoted in saying they want Realmuto...maybe?

Coming Tomorrow- Even the bad teams need a good fireballer every so often.

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