Monday, August 15, 2011

1993 Stadium Club Series 3- CONTEST!!!!

In case you haven't been reading this blog lately, lemme recap: I am currently on vacation in New Hampshire, with my family. Las year, when I was in Lake George, NY, I found a nifty little card shop, that sold these $2 mix packs, that I dubbed "Adironpacks". This year, I found out that there is a small card shop up here in Meredith, actually based in somebody's house, that sells better wax. So, being the card geek. A, I checked it out. I found tons of little singles, and a few packs, which I will reveal the highlights of afterward. Then, I found, on the floor, a box of 1993 Stadium Club Series 3. The owner said it was worth ten bucks, and I was astonished. Sure, it was junk wax, and a product that wasn't as good as it's predecessors, but it's still stadium club. And that's why I bought it.

So after I left the shop, with my eighteen year old wax box in hand, I thought to myself "how can I make this fun? How can I make this a cool contest, or at least one that attracts enough bloggers?" Well, I've figured something out, and while it may not be one of the coolest blogger contests out there, it'll still be pretty rewarding.

SO HERE IS THE DEAL!!! 28 teams were around by the time of this product, so 27 bloggers will play this one. This will be like a group break, only without pay, and only the winner will get all the cards of his team. That means 26 of the bloggers that sign up will get out of this contest empty handed. Over the course of the rest of my vacation, I will post all 24 packs of this box. For every card pulled, I will assign a number of points, up to 5 per card. They could be awarded in behalf of a fun looking pose, or a good player, or just an awesome looking card. The points the card gets goes to the team. If the card has no good qualities, or sucks,, I'll only award it one point. The team with the most points by the end if the break wins.

The blogger who wins will receive all the cards from their team from this break, as well as the cards from their team pulled in the packs I'm about to reveal, as well as some hits or ore things from their team.

Blue Jays- Kazi
Braves- Ryan LaMonica
Cubs- card anathema
Dodgers- Greg Zakwin
Mariners- TheLostCollector
Mets- BA Benny
Orioles- Shady Twine
Padres- Rod, of Padrographs
Phillies- dawgbones
Pirates- piratesfan731
Red Sox- Captain Canuck
Reds- henchmiester.
White Sox
Yankees: Jordan, Mint Condition (me).

Again, there is no pay involved, and only one person will receieve all their team's loot. Now, let me first reveal the results of the packs I got today. There will be no points awarded, and the winner will get the cards from their team from these.

First, 2 packs of 2005 Topps Series 1:
Zach Day, of the Expos
Mike Hampton of the Braves
Kevin Millar of the Red Sox
Mark Buehrle, of the White Sox
Vladimir Guerrero of the Angels
Paul Konerko Sporting News insert, of the White Sox
Johan Santana Own the Game, of the Twins
Scot Shields of the Angels
Ken Macha if the Athletics
Scott Williamson of the Red Sox
Erubeil Durazo, of the Athletics
Jason Jennings if the Rockies
Torii Hunter of the Twins
Rafael Furcal of the Braves
Brett Harper of the Mets
Greg Maddux Season Highlights, of the Cubs
Eric Byrnes, of the Athletics
Juan Encarnacion of the Marlins
Al Lieter of the Mets

Ad now, two packs of 2002 Topps
Cliff Floyd of the Marlins
Edgardo Alfonso, of the Mets
Scott Sullivan, of the Reds
Sammy Sosa of the Cubs
Jim Edmonds of the Cardinals
Joe Torre, of the Yanks
Michael Barrett of the Expos
Jose Mesa of the Phillies
Dave Martinez of the Braves
Ricky Bottalico, of the Phillies
Paul Konerko of the white sox
Kelvim Escobar if the Blue Jays
Athletics Playoff Bound insert
Tony Gwynn if the Padres
Art Howe of the Athletics
Al Martin of the Mariners
Jason Bere of the Cubs

So that is all. If you want in, sign up in the comments, and pick your team before you lose it. The packs will be ripped in the next few days.


  1. I will take the Padres, Justin. Thanks this contest sounds fun

  2. Ryan sucks. ;)

    umm.... Red Sox for me then? Thanks.

  3. I'll go out on a limb and take the Orioles.

  4. Mets for me please!

    Looks like fun, thanks!

  5. I'd like to claim the Mariners, if possible. Tino was a Mariner back then!

    Cool idea, thanks for the contest!