Friday, August 5, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Wang Edition

You're probably all wondering why this guy is getting a custom, over so many other "worthy individuals". Well, Wang over here is just as worthy: in the three years I've been making customs, I've never made a Wang, until now. This mainly has been due to injuries, or lack of a good photo, but now that he's pitched in his 1st game since the Yankees, I had no choice but to make one. And even though he bombed against the Mets, I made one anyway. Why? Let me, there is too much. Let me sum up.

My dentist happens to be from Taiwan. And in Taiwan, Chien-Ming Wang is almost equivalent to a god. The people there worship him, and root for him, and mob him for autographs and all that. This was great back when Wang was with the Bombers- we had an entire country rooting for the Yankees. Eat that Boston! But everytime I go to get my teeth cleaned, my dentist is always anxious to hear about Wang, and if he's getting better. I mentioned last year that Hong-Chi Kuo, another Taiwan native was elected to the All Star Game, but it didn't look like he cared- Kuo was 2nd to Wang, and I really felt the same way. Now that Wang's back, an entire country can regain their hero, and the Nationals can regain their great pitcher.

Coming Tomorrow- A player for Arizona that's always been a key factor in wins...even if they haven't been getting much this year.

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