Friday, August 19, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Kinsler Edition

I am very surprised that out of all the first place teams, we've heard the leas about the Rangers. Sure, the other five divisions have had big stories of upsets, surprises, victories and rivalries, but the Al West has been very quiet. There are only four teams, but 2 of these four are really good, and vying for the division, including Texas and Anaheim. Ian Kinsler isn't the team's most notable performer (that person's name starts with a J, ends with an N, and has "osh Hamilto" in the middle), but he has certainly evolved from the lanky, underperforming 2nd baseman he once was. He has been hitting pretty damn well as of late, and the team really needs him.

Also, there are about 11 spots left in the Stadium Club contest. I'm gonna be plugging away at this until it's all filled up.

Coming Tomorrow- He was a hit last season with he's hoping to rebound for the Tribe.

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  1. That is instantly one of my favorite Kinslers. I have to make one small correction to your info. Michael Young has been the one driving the Rangers ship. Of course it's nice to have Hammy too!