Friday, August 26, 2011

Stadium Club Contest: 1993 Packs 13-16

With 12 packs down in this heavily frenzied contest, the Marlins, led by no one, were leading with 35, followed quickly by Captain Canuck's Braves with 33. Will both teams hang on to their leads, or will another team swoop into action? Tonight we will find out:

Pack Thirteen:

Kevin Mitchell of the Reds. The guy seems happy after hitting a homer. I feel the same. 5 points.

Alan Mills of the Orioles. Now, I do not feel happy. 1 point. Damn doubles.

Henry Mercedes of the Athletics. Another double. 1 point

David Cone of the Royals. 1 point

Rob Natal of the Marlins. 1 point

Jimmy Key of the Yankees. 1 point

Otis Nixon of the Braves. 1 point

Jon Shave of the Rangers. Heh...still funny. 1 point

Tony Fernandez of the Mets. 1 point

Kevin Young of the Pirates. 1 point. WHAT IS THIS MADNESS???

Dave Martinez of the Giants. 1 point

Steve Avery of the Braves. 1 point. An entire pack of doubles plus Kevin Mitchell. Ughhh...

Roger Clemens Members Choice Insert for the Red Sox. Were the members on Roids as well? 4 points cause it's an insert.

Fernando Valenzuela of the Orioles. Fernandomania was well over, but he was still an okay player in that era. Also, never knew he was an Oriole. 5 points

Mark Gardner of the Royals. Horizontal shot. Also: awesome. 4 points

Steve Reed of the Rockies. Now that is how you pose a pitcher shot. 5 points. This puts them a point behind the Marlins, and a point in front of the Braves.

Damon Buford of the Orioles. Another nice shot for Baltimore. 4 points

Cris Carpenter of the Marlins. Dammit...this pack was going so well. 1 point

Jim Abbott of the Yankees. 1 point

Barry Bonds of the Giants. 1 point

Mike Harkey of the Cubs. 1 point

Jeff Russell of the Red Sox. 1 point

Phil Plantier of the Padres. 1 point

Mark Williamson of the Orioles. 1 point

Troy Percival of the Angels. The rookie card of a decent, consistent closer. 5 points.

Steve Bedrosian of the Braves. Speaking of closers, a decent windup. 5 points puts the Braves back on top.

Pack Fifteen:

Kevin Stocker of the Phillies. Double. 1 point

Doug Dascenzo of the Rangers. A nice horizontal shot. 3 points

Tim Wallach of the Dodgers. A Decent player straddles in the field. 4 points

Greg Swindell of the Astros. Double. 1 point

Barry Bonds Members Choice. 1 point

Troy Percival of the Angels. 1 point

Steve Bedrosian of the Braves. 1 point

Paul Wagner of the Pirates. Decent pitcher shot. 3 points

Rene Arocha of the Cardinals. Better pitcher shot. And in Spring Training no less. 4 points
Scott Sanderson of the Angels. A decent closeup. 3 points

Kirk Gibson of the Tigers. The nice swing, and running to first. 4 points cause he's Kirk Gibson.

Milt Thompson of the Phillies. Watching the ball sail. 4 points

Dave Stewart of the Blue Jays. Vin Diesel, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Daniel Craig and Chuck Norris all look up to this guy. The ultimate badass. 5 points out of fear.

Willie Greene of the Reds. Watching from the dugout. Looks too much like a batboy. 2 points

Javy Lopez of the Braves. Dammit, the doubles return. 1 point

Jeff Juden of the Astros. 1 point

Mike Lansing of the Expos. 1 point

Greg Gohr of the Tigers. 1 point

Tim Bogar of the Mets. 1 point

Steve Cooke of the Pirates. 1 point

Ozzie Canseco of the Cardinals. 1 point

Jerald Clark of the Rockies. 1 point

Kirt Manwaring of the Giants. 1 point. Grrr.

Paul Molitor of the Blue Jays. THERE WE GO! A MLB Legend, somehow in Toronto. 5 points. The Jays aren't far behind the Rockies, Marlins and Braves.

Mike Moore of the Tigers. Too plain. 2 points

David Hulse of the Rangers. That is a nice swing. 4 points

Ken Griffey Jr. of the Mariners. Is there an explanation needed? 5 points.

Ivan Calderon of the Red Sox. Ivan has been taking Badassery lessons from Dave Stewart. They work. 5 points.

2/3 through the box and the Braves have snatched the lead again, with 40 points. Close behind are the Marlins with 37, the Rockies with 36, and the Blue Jays with 34. Of course, anything can happen in this crazy contest. More to come tomorrow night, if I can survive Hurricane Irene.

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