Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Crawford Edition

In honor of my stay in New Hampshire, smack dab in the middle of Red Sox country, I figured I'd post a Red Sock. A year ago today, if you told me that Carl Crawford had joined Boston, I would be afraid of the Yankees chances. Of course, I would be overreacting a little bit. It is a known fact tha Crawford hasn't lived up to Boston's expectations. In his time on and off the DL, he has established himself as a waste of perfectly good prospects, and a could-have-been Hall of Fame career tarnished by a crappy season. The truth is that he hasn't been playing like Carl Crawford this year, and it's a shame.

So thanks, Boston.

Also, we still need 14 spots for the 1993 Stadium Club contest. I might be getting other packs, or another box to sweeten the deal. And before you ask, I don't think it will be more Stadium Club.

Coming Tomorrow- 3 years ago he was the best closer in the AL. Now, he's struggling to compete for Milwaukee


  1. Love that card, I love '76 Topps, and that one goes nice with the theme.
    And for tomorrow's card, if you mean who I think you mean, why do you say he's struggling? He's been effective since joining the Brewers.

  2. I meant that he was sucking for the Mets, and his career had gone downhill. Sure, he's a good closer, but he's nowhere close to what he was in 2008.