Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stadium Club Contest: It's on! 1993 1st four packs

That's right: After a week of trying to get this contest filled, I'm finally ripping packs. I know, it took quite a while, and many posts, but it's just about filled. I said last post that it was the last call, and since I don't have too many readers, apparently nobody wanted the Brewers, Twins, Athletics or Marlins. So if any of those teams get the most points, which going by the boxes, isn't very likely, the 2nd place team will get the loot.

Also, since I don't like using my scanner, and because it's a kinda crappy scanner, these packs were recorded via my camera. Hopefully you can zoom in enough to see the players. If not, I apologize.

Pack Numero Uno:

Darrell Sherman of the Padres. A fairly run of the mill shot of a failed prospect bunting. For the effort, I'll award them 3 points.

Guillermo Velasquez, of the Padres. Interesting Action shot, but doesn't wow me. Another 3.

Greg Gohr of the Tigers. Miscut, and a standard pose. 2 points.

Jeff Juden, of the Astros. Nice horizontal shot, but no star power. Still gets them four points.

Kirt Manwaring of the Giants. Well posed photo day shot, which was what was expected from Stadium Club back then. Pretty nice shot, too. 5 points.

Greg Hibbard of the Cubs. The expected pitcher shot. Yawn. 2

Lonnie Smith of the Pirates. Legitimate star, with a nice swing shot. 5 points. You can already see that I'm easy to please. It goes up to five though.

Nigel Wilson of the Marlins. The shades, the cross, the facial expression all spell "badass". The teal spells "90's" 4 points.

Harold Baines of the Orioles. A definite star watching the ball drop. Good card. 4 points.

Paul O'Neill of the Yankees. The card has star power, and a nice shot of the Warrior's swing. 4 points.

Charlie Hough of the Marlins. Proves that even a tenured knuckler like Charlie can make teal look cool. 5 points. Proves if your team has a lot of cards, you can gain a lead fast.

Greg Gagne of the Royals. Decent card, without much star power. 3 points.

Mitch Webster of the Dodgers: Not a star, but a good swing. 3 points.

Bengi Gil of the Rangers. The glare kinda obscures this one, but it's a good shortstop shot. In a strong stance waiting for the ball. 4 points.

Pack 2:

Darrell Sherman of the Padres. Look familiar? 1 point.

Guillermo Velasquez of the Padres. Again, look familiar? Now in Miscut. 1 point.

Greg Gohr of the Tigers. This is getting pathetic. 1 point.

Jeff Juden of the Astros. Sighh... 1 point.

Kirt Manwaring of the Giants. Okay, the card's still cool, but it's still a double. 1 point. This proves that if your team gets a lot of doubles, it awards you an easy one point.

Terry Mulholland of the Phillies. The pitcher watching the pitch sail overhead is minimally original. There's also some star power, but not much. 4 points.

Mike Fetters of the Brewers. The pose is average. The mustache raises it above mediocrity. Seriously, zoom in if you can. That mustache is worth the pixelated madness. 4 points.

Brien Taylor of the Yankees. HA! 3 points.

Randy Myers of the Cubs. Decent shot. 3 points.

Wade Boggs of the Yankees. The man who was notorious for his chicken rituals taking a Bunyanesque hack at the ball. 5 points.

Phil Hiatt of the Royals. Okay shot. 2 points.

Alex Arias of the Marlins. The elegants "watching the ball" shot, marred by the teal unis. 3 points.

Candy Maldonaldo of the Cubs. That's a nice swing. 3 points.

Bobby Kelly of the Reds. Yes, this is the guy formally known as Roberto Kelly. Which raises it to not only the "Benny" Santiago level, or the "Bob" Clemente level, but also to 4 points.

Pack 3:

John Jaha of the Brewers. A nice posed shot set with the sunset. 5 points.

Ricky Guitierrez of the Padres. A close shot of the batter, ready to whack it. 4 points.

Greg Maddux Members Choice insert. Because he's Greg effing Maddux, 5 points.

Armando Reynoso of the Rockies. Shows dominance even when he didn't show any at the mound. 3 points.

Dave Nilsson of the Brewers. Another cool posed shot. 5 points. The Brewers are on a roll...a shame nobody chose them.

Mike Bilecki of the Indians. Standard pitcher shot. 3 points.

Greg Hibbard of the Cubs. Bleah. 1 point

Lonnie Smith of the Pirates. Gahhh. 1 point.

Nigel Wilson of the Marlins. Hooray for 90's collation. 1 point.

Jim Tatum, of the Rockies. Standard swinging shot. 2 points.

Dave Stieb of the White Sox. Minimal star power with a nice pitch pose. 4 points.

Jose Guzman of the Cubs. Clever fielding pose. 3 points.

Steve Decker of the Marlins. Okay, decent catcher shot. 3 points.

David Cone of the Royals. 6 years after this card, he threw a no hitter for the Bombers. Just wanted to remind you how awesome he was. 4 points.

Pack 4:

Andy Ashby of the Rockies. I've heard of him, and that's a cool pose. 3 points.

Joe Carter of the Blue Jays Members Choice Insert. The year this card was made, he hit that postseason homer off Mitch Williams. This proves how awesome he is. 5 points.

Charlie Hayes of the Rockies. Nice batter's stance. 3 points.

David Justice of the Braves. Excellent looking pose. 5 points.

Tony Tarrasco of the Braves. Wonder if it was a strike? 3 points.

Ellis Burks of the Rockies. Hey, he's Ellis Burks. 4 points.

Joe Girardi of the Rockies. Current Yankees Manager. 4 points.

Terry Mulholland of the Phillies. Ughhh. 1 point.

Mike Fetters of the Brewers. Mustache, but still a double. 1 point.

Brien Taylor of the Yankees. 1 point.

Randy Myers of the Cubs. 1 point. DAMN DOUBLES!!!

Wade Boggs of the Yankees. 1 point

Phil Hiatt of the Royals. 1 point.

Alex Arias of the Marlins. 1 point. Thank you slackers at the Topps company.

So far the Rockies are in the lead with 19 points, but we're only 4 packs in. The contest has only just begun. More tomorrow.


  1. I thought Hiflew claimed the Rox?

  2. I believe you forgot to mention all the Mets cards you pulled.