Monday, August 22, 2011

Stadium Club Contest: LAST CALL!

It's been a week since I've been pushing this contest, and begging for spots to be filled, and it all comes down to this: After this post, the contest will begin. If there are spots left unfilled, then that gives everyone else a better chance of winning. Of course, it also gives me a buncha crappy 90's Rockies and Marlins cards, but that's what happens sometimes.

So at the time of this logging, there are five spots left. The Brewers, the Twins, the Rockies and the Marlins. All five teams were well represented, and all five teams had some really crappy prospects back in the 90's. So any of those five teams could win the contest. I'm not saying any of them will, since there are only one or two hall of famers on those teams, but it could happen.

Lemme refresh the rules, for any newcomers: I'll rip each pack, and I will assign each card I pull a number of pulls, varying by the star power, pose, action shot, or if it's an insert. If it's a double, it automatically gets one point. These points will go to the team, and the blogger that has the most points at the end of 2 Stadium Club boxes (1993 and 1996) for their team will win (A- All the cards from their team, and (B- Some assorted other things I'll throw in corresponding to that team, or the winner's wantlist. To reiterate- 28 or less bloggers will enter, only one will win. There's a 1 in 28 (or 27, depends on the number of entrants) chance of winning, but there's sweet swag on the line. Sweet, full bleed, stuck to themselves, 90's swag.

The teams, copied from the last post:
Angels: Mariner1
Astros- The Dimwit
Blue Jays- Kazi
Braves- Captain Canuck
Cardinals- FanOfReds
Cubs- card anathema
Dodgers- Greg Zakwin
Giants- Dan
Indians- Baseball Dad
Mariners- The Lost Collector
Mets- BA Benny
Expos- Nathan
Orioles- shady Twine
Padres- Rod of Padrographs
Phillies- dawgbones
Pirates- piratesfan731
Rangers- Play at the plate
Red Sox- dominicfdny
Reds- henchmiester
Rockies- hiflew
Royals- Spiegel83
Tigers -indiana potch
White Sox- Jeff Laws
Yankees- Ryan LaMonica

So there you go: Five spots remaining, and any teams not filled just won't take part in the contest. And if a team without a blogger actually wins the contest, the prize will go to the team with the 2nd highest amount of points. So please, if anyone else wants in, sign up in the comments. Tomorrow, we get this damn thing started.

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  1. I'll take the Rockies. Shout out to BABenny for the contest alert.