Thursday, August 11, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Uehara Edition

I always thought that Koji Uehara would be one of Baltimore's biggest new stars. Of course I also said the same thing about Walter Young, Radhames Liz, David Hernandez and Brian Matusz, but all but the latter are now out of baseball. Still...Uehara couldn't seem to keep himself off the DL in Baltimore, and eventually he was relegated to the bullpen. I kinda thought that was the end right there, but it wasn't. Uehara went to Texas this year to finally add some decent pitching to the Orioles' roster. And as a starter again, Uehara didn't disappoint. He's now a Texas mainstay apparently, and I for one pretty happy for the guy. And I remember thinking...which is happier, the player given a second chance, or the team that accquired him?

(In order to get the full effect of that paragraph, read it in Morgan Freeman's voice. Trust me, it won't sound boring!)

Coming Tomorrow- He's had his highs and lows on the North Side, but now he's been having a comeback to remember.

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  1. Uehara was great out of the bullpen this year for us. It's weird seeing him in a Rangers uniform. It was sad to see him traded but I'm glad he has a chance to pitch in the postseason.

    BTW, David Hernandez went to Arizona in the Mark Reynolds trade over the winter. From the looks of his Baseball Reference page, he's having a great season for the D-backs. Matusz is languishing in Triple-A after injuring himself late in spring training.