Thursday, August 18, 2011

Stadium Club contest - Upping the Ante

So here's the deal- of the 28 spots needed for the 1993 Stadium Club contest, only 14 have been filled. I will now change that number to thirteen, because I have recently realized how stupid it was to enter myself into my own contest. Therefore, the Yankees are now open. Any other budding Yankee fan that wants t win this, your time has come.

Anyway, that leaves 15 spots left. With this ratio, I was brought to an unwelcome conclusion: nobody likes 1993 Stadium Club. Sure, the inaugural set was pretty Colleen, and the 92 one was okay as well, but in 1993 the set wasn't as good. Therefore, to the fifteen open slots, and to the other bloggers who are afraid to enter, I am raising the stakes, by adding another box.

I went to the card shop again today, and the wax boxes were still there. The dealer said he'd make a discount since I already got a box a few days ago. So I looked around, and that's when I saw the perfect box, that I needed for this contest. S the dealer gave it to me for 12 bucks, half off the original price, and I skipped away with a grin on my face.

Here's the box: 1996 Stadium Club Series 2. Now, I know what you're thinking- how is this better than the 1993 version of this same damn product?!?!? Well, it has a lot more stars, more rookies, and more inserts. It's safe to say that this is less of a junk waxy product than the 1993 set. So it's the same contest, I'll be giving both boxes points, and the team with the most at the end wins all the team's loot, yadda yadda know the deal.

Here Are the teams, last revised a few days ago.
Athletics- dominicfdny
Blue Jays- Kazi
Cardinals- FanOfReds
Cubs- card anathema
Dodgers- Greg Zakwin
Giants- Dan
Indians- Baseball Dad
Mariners- The Lost Collector
Mets- BA Benny
Orioles- shady Twine
Padres- Rod of Padrographs
Phillies- dawgbones
Pirates- piratesfan731
Rangers- Play at the plate
Red Sox- Captain Canuck
Reds- henchmiester
White Sox- Jeff Laws
Yankees- Ryan LaMonica

So there you go. Sign up in the contest please, I'd like to get this thing filled, and rip the packs necessary. This is gonna be a good one.


  1. Hey Jordan - I'm a Yanks fan first! Would it be possible for me to leave to take the Bombers and leave the Braves for Colbey, the Captain or another Braves fan?

    Just wanted to check - thanks!

  2. Ryan- yeah, that can definitely happen. If anyone else wants the Braves, that spot is now open.

  3. can i get the Giants?