Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Fielder Edition

And finally, we come to the last of the customs I made for the New Hampshire vacation last week. I know, I kinda got carried away in the whole contest thing, but here's the final one, before the ones I've been making this week start.

I've spoken of this factor a few times before, but I wanna go over it again, just to make a point. There's a labored "disease" in the MLB known as "Mo Vaughn's Disease", where a perfectly good, and perfectly big, first baseman will start his career being good for hits, and end his career as a slobby fat guy who can't even play his position. This happened to Mo Vaughn, and I feel very sorry for the man. There is the matter of Prince Fielder, who I'm hoping will not fall victim to this disease of sorts. He is very large, you see. An uneducated human being would estimate that the weight has come from tons of cheeseburgers, but uneducated human beings don't know that Prince is a vegetarian. And if so, he's doing a very bad job of it.

He's still a great hitter, there is no doubt. But there may come a time when he'll filter out due to being too big. And I hope for all of Milwaukee's sake that that never occurs.

Coming Tomorrow: Because I haven't posted a White Sox all year, the first of two debuts tomorrow. And it's a quick one.

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