Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stadium Club Contest: Packs 9-12

We're already nine packs through this crazy contest, and already we have a front runner, albeit by 3 points. Captain Canuck's Braves and Hiflew's Rockies have been leading the pack, the former three points ahead of the latter. And much to my delight, I have yet to pull a Boston Red Sox card. This is not my fault, it's how it was collated. And I applaud the collation guys from 1993.

On with the packs...

Pack Nine:
John Johnstone of the Marlins. A nicely captured shot...of the back of the guy's uniform. 3 points.
Bud Black of the Giants. Did every pitcher shot have to look like this? 2points
Frank Bolick of the Expos. Any horizontal shot is a good shot, in my opinion. 4 points
Greg Swindell of the Astros. The same damn shot. 2 points
Barry Bonds Members Choice of the Giants. Were the Members on Roids too? 4 points, cause it's an insert.
Otis Nixon of the Braves. Back to doubles. 1 point
Jon Shave of the Rangers. Heh, still funny. 1 point
Tony Fernandez of the Mets. 1 point
Kevin Young of the Pirates. 1 point
Dave Martinez of the Giants. COME ON! 1 point
Steve Avery of the Braves. 1 point
Greg Maddux of the Braves. 1 point
Tom Henke of the Rangers. Not many other human beings could pull of those glasses. 4 points.
Al Leiter of the Blue Jays. Star power, along with a nice shot. 4 points only because of his MLB Network-ness.

Pack Ten:
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is an entire pack of doubles. Seriously. I will spare you the gruesome details and say that every card in this pack gets one point. Damn 1990's collation...

Pack Eleven:
Charlie Hough Inaugural Notes Insert. Awesome action shot, worthy of most other sets Topps was making at that time. 5 points. The defunct Marlins have tied the Braves for first.
Pat Mahomes of the Twins. Double. 1 point
Alan Mills of the Orioles. Nice pitcher shot. 3 points
Henry Mercedes of the A's. A nice shot of a guy getting up to bat. 3 points
Tom Henke of the Rangers. 1 point
John Olerud of the Blue Jays. 1 point
Jaime Navarro of the Brewers. Still cool,but 1 point
Al Leiter of the Blue Jays. 1 point
Cris Carpenter of the Marlins. The ball's coming right at you...or something. 3 points. I'm hoping someone catches up to the defunct Marlins.
Jim Abbott of the Yankees. An automatic 5 points. It's not everyday that people pitch a no-hitter with only one hand. Bravo, Mr. Abbott.
Barry Bonds of the Giants. Bleaaahh...not a double, but a steroid abuser. EVEN WORSE! 2 points
Mike Harkey of the Cubs. Warming up before the inning. 4 points
Phil Plantier of the Padres. A nice swing. 3 point
Mark Williamson of the Orioles. A tight shot of the pitcher. Creative. 4 points

Pack Twelve.
Mark Eichhorn of the Blue Jays. A good shot. 3 points.
Domingo Martinez of the Blue Jays. doubles. gah. 1 point
Greg Maddux Members Choice. 1 point
Armando Reynoso of the Rockies. 1 point
Dave Nilsson of the Brewers. 1 point
Chilli Davis of the Angels. A good shot of a casual looking Chili before the game. 5 points
Julio Franco of the Rangers. HE WAS YOUNG HERE? 4 points. I'm used to him looking old on cards.
Sherman Obando of the Orioles. A before the game shot. Too plain. 2 points
Steve Cooke of the Pirates. A standard pitcher shot. HAVE SOME VARIETY TOPPS! 2 points
Ozzie Canseco of the Cardinals. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now that that's done, 3 points
Tim Bogar of the Mets. Sitting in the dugout, before the game. The game and the career were probably both failures. 4 points.
Jerald Clark of the Rockies. A nice shot of a potential steal. 4 points
Julio Franco. TWICE IN THE SAME PACK??? 1 point
Sherman Obando of the Orioles. 1 point

At the end of 12 packs, the Marlins, whom NOBODY PICKED, are in the lead with 35. The Braves are hot on their heels with 33. Hopefully a team with a blogger signed up for them will win. The contest will continue tomorrow...

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  1. would you quit handing out only 1 point to all those Braves!!!!
    A dupe of Greg maddux is worth at least 3 points.... It's Greg Freakin' Maddux!