Friday, August 26, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Ogando Edition

So the Rangers are still in first, battling the Angels and barely staying alive. I did realize last week that Ian Kinsler wasn't the guy leading the team- that's Michael Young. So I'll say right now that while Alexi Ogando over here isn't exactly CJ Wilson, he's still a pretty strong pitcher- hell, he made the All Star Game this year. And I should have posted a card of Alexi back in July. But I didn't. Why? Just look at him.

The man looks 20 years older than he actually is, yet plays his age. Unless he's been borrowing Bartolo Colon's Cuban Mystery Cream, that just means he doesn't have the greatest MLB Face. Hell, even Raul Ibanez, RA Dickey and Scott Linebrink agree with me, AND LOOK AT THEM! This guy proves that you don't have to be good looking to be a good pitcher.

(Postscript: If Alexi is reading this, please know that it's only some good-natured ribbing. You look fine. )

Coming Tomorrow- He's been put out by injuries, but so did the other guy that won the ROY tih him in 2009. At least he's fared better than Chris Coghlan.

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