Sunday, August 21, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Jimenez Edition

I have returned to the mainland, otherwise known as New Jersey, back from a weeklong vacation in Lake Winnipissaukee, or however you spell it. It's safe to say that I'm finally feeling at home- unfortunately, the man on the card is in the exact opposite situation. He just was dropped from Colorado, where he's been pitching so well, to Cleveland. I'm not dissing the Tribe here, because there isn't much about the tribe to diss. But Jimenez hasn't been pitching too well since the trade from the Rockies. Now granted, maybe it's because of the fact that his 2011 season hasn't quite been like his 2010, where he lost the Cy Young only because Roy Halladay was in front of him. Hopefully he'll rebound, and make all the tribe fans happy.

Coming Tomorrow- Moving from a team I admire to a team I absoultely loathe, this guy has been pitching a decent season so far.

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