Thursday, August 4, 2011

Custom Card of the Day: Fukudome Edition

This picture is every Chicago fan's worst nightmare. I admit that I'm sad that Fukudome has left the Cubs, mainly because Cubs fans have just lost their hero. With Soriano hurt, and Ramirez dwindling, they still had a hero in Kosuke. Now that he's left, all they can rely on is Starlin Castro. Now, the Indians can gain another hero, another big power hitter, and another guy kids will wear jerseys of. Plus, him and Shin-Soo Choo can bond, being from the same continent anyway, and the Cleveland outfield will grow stronger (If all of them are healthy, a Sizemore-Choo-Fukudome combination is deadly). But seriously, with the addition of Fukudome, the Indians have grown even stronger.

Coming Tomorrow- Arguably an oddball idea for a custom, since this guy just pitched his first game since 2009, and he got swatted around by the Mets of all people. But I've always admired the guy.


  1. One set design that I always hated. 1981 Topps is probably first.