Sunday, August 28, 2011

Stadium Club Contest: 1993 Packs 17-20

The power is still on, and the hurricane has subsided. Yet somehow the TV in my house is turned to MTV's Video Music Awards, the annual proclamation of "We do too still care about music". But screw all of that, because I've got a contest to cover. As of the last packs, Captain Canuck's Braves were in the lead with 42, while the Marlins, Rockies and Blue Jays were close behind, with 37, 36 and 35 respectively.

Let the ripping begin:

Tom Glavine of the Braves. He looks pretty creepy here, but he's still Tom Glavine. 4 points.
Steve Howe of the Yankees. Basic pitcher shot. 2 points
Doug Drabek of the Astros. Another double. 1 point
Joe Magrane of the Cardinals. 1 point
Richie Lewis of the Marlins. Standard pitcher shot. 2 points
Paul Wagner of the Pirates. 1 point
Scott Sanderson of the Angels. 1 point
Kirk Gibson of the Tigers. 1 point
Milt Thompson of the Phillies. 1 point
Dave Stewart of the Blue Jays. Yep...still a badass. 1 point
Willie Greene of the Reds. 1 point
Rene Arocha of the Cardinals. 1 point
Jody Reed of the Dodgers. The run to first, watching it sail. 3 points
Billy Ripken of the Rangers. AHAHAHA. AHAHAHA. Ahhh... 3 points

Roger Clemens Members Choice Insert. With only 5 cards in the insert set, you're bound to get doubles. 1 point
Fernando Valenzuela. 1 point
Royals pitcher whose name I can't quite make out. It's a double anyway. 1 point
Steve Reed of the Rockies. 1 point
Gary Sheffield of the Padres. Guhhh. 1 point
Jody Reed of the Dodgers. 1 point
Billy Ripken of the Rangers. Heh... 1 point
Russ Springer of the Angels. A nice windup. 3 point
Tom Brunansky of the Brewers. A nice portrait shot at Batting Practice. 4 points
Spike Owen of the Yankees. A decent swing. 3 points
Andre Dawson of the Red Sox. People forget that the Hawk played for Boston. I want to. 5 points cause he's Andre.
Brian Williams of the Astros. Not the NBC Guy. 2 points
Dave Winfield of the Twins. That's two HOF'ers in the same pack. Great scott! 5 points.
Harold Reynolds of the Orioles. A current MLBNet Sportscaster. 2 points because of this. Grrr..

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is yet another complete pack of Doubles. Every team involved will get one point. Damn 90's collation.

John Jaha of the Brewers. 1 point

Ricky Guittierez. 1 point

Kevin Mitchell of the Reds. 1 point

Alan Mills of the Orioles. 1 point

Henry Mercedes of the Athletics. 1 point

Mike Felder of the Mariners. He looks like he's taking a nice swing. 3 points

Mike Hampton of the Mariners. A rookie card of a future disabled star. 4 points

Pete Incaviglia of the Phillies. That swing. THAT STACHE! 4 points

BJ Surhoff of the Brewers. Quite possibly the best shot of the break so far. 5 points

Ben Rivera of the Phillies. Decent field play. 3 points

Kevin Reimer of the Brewers. Nice stance. 3 points

Scott Somethingorother, from a team I can't interpret. Can anyone I identify who I should give 3 points to here?

Brian Harvey of the Marlins. A routine pitcher shot. 2 points

Jose Lind of the Royals. A nice fielder shot. 3 points

With 4 packs left in this box, the Braves are leading with 47 points, with everyone else trying to catch up. Tomorrow, the contest continues.

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